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How to Create a “Coming Soon” Page with Thesis 2.0

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In this session we show how to create a “Coming Soon” page with Thesis 2.0 by creating a custom template and making that template the static front page. This way the front page is set up as a landing page rather than using a plugin to create a “Coming Soon” page.

Video Transcript

You know, you could always set up your front page as a landing page and then not put a menu on it. And people would just see that landing page there while you are working otherwise. That’s probably what I would do instead of using a plugin, frankly. But if you really want to use a plugin, I don’t know. I’d have to check test one because I don’t know… I’ve tested a lot of plugins with Thesis 2. But I haven’t tested one of those so I would just suggest using a landing page or creating your own custom page style. You just create a custom template and then inside your custom template, you’d make it exactly the way you wanted it for your coming soon page. And then just make that template your static front page and reading settings and it should be slam dunk. The thing is if it’s your static front page, that’s all somebody can see.

I’ll show you. We’ll add a new one. We’ll call it coming soon. Okay, I can spell coming, no problem. Create a template and I’m going to edit this template. And what I’m going to do here is I’m going to actually make my front page template. I’m going to copy the template, my front page template to it and then all I’m going to have is my feature box. Well no, I’ll just drag the footer and the page content off and the feature box and I’ll just have my header. I’ll go ahead and save that and then I’ll come over to my front page. Actually, I’m going to create a front page holder template, move all my front page stuff into that. So select the template, front page and then copy the template and the front page holder so I’ve got it as a place holder then I won’t lose my set up. And then I’m going to come back over to my front page and in editing my front page, I’m just going to choose my coming soon template.

And now if you go to The Barking Chihuahua front page, all it has is that. Obviously, you take the menu out of it. You put some little happy stuff there and this would be your front page. If the menu wasn’t there, nobody could get anywhere, right? So that’s how you do it.

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