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Customize the Shipping and Tax Labels in Shopp

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In this session we show how to customize the shipping and tax labels in Shopp by editing some codes in cart.php. We replace some programmatic functionality that Shopp has with static answers and change them so they display the way we want them to on the page.

Video Transcript

Rick:  This is the site Main Clinic Supply and this member is selling medical equipment. What we’re doing here is we are customizing… really, this is sort of a part 2 of something that we started this morning. Part 1 was getting rid of the tax calculation and making the delivery free. Now what we want to do is simply exclude these things, free delivery and shipping and tax. We just want to pull this out entirely, out of the shopping cart. And then once we go to the checkout, we’re going to do the same thing there. We’re going to pull the free delivery and taxes element out of the… well, what we’re going to say is free delivery and shipping and then we’re going to remove taxes entirely so that it makes it clear. And it looks like Fran is with us here so I’m going to turn on Fran’s microphone here for just a moment. Good evening, Fran. I’ve just unmuted your microphone.

Fran:  Hello Rick. You fired up quick tonight.

Rick:  Well, we always start on time.

Fran:  I know you do.

Rick:  And actually, nobody who asked questions was here yet and since I’ve figured out what I was doing for you, I just figured I’d dive in.

Fran:  Yeah no, I watched a different… couple of seconds so good, thank you.

Rick:  Okay now we do have a bunch of people who have arrived and some of these folks are new people to the site and new to WordPress and Thesis. Well, what I’m going to talk about is pretty technical here for a few minutes. I don’t want you to feel like that’s the only thing we talk about. If you are a regular participant, you know we take lots and lots of very basic questions and it’s perfectly acceptable to ask basic questions at these things. So even though I’m going to talk about something very technical right now, I want you not to assume that that’s not what we generally do. We don’t always do that. Although I will talk as technical as anybody wants to on Wednesdays.

Okay so let’s just refresh what we’re doing here again, Fran. We’re going to get rid of the taxes entirely, right?

Fran:  Yeah, we want to go… but you know, once again, on both of these, I’d like to leave the fields but I’d like to say free delivery and shipping.

Rick:  So you just want to say free instead of not available? What do you want to do?

Fran:  Well, I don’t want to say not available but I don’t want to be that redundant probably. It’ll say free delivery and shipping. How about included is probably there?

Rick:  Okay so we’re just going to say free delivery and shipping included, okay.

Fran:  Yeah and then taxes, instead of the zeros, just say no tax.

Rick:  Okay so free delivery and shipping included or free delivery and shipping and it’s going to say included and then taxes and then it’ll say no tax.

Fran:  Correct.

Rick:  So these will look like labels and these will look like answers to labels, right?

Fran:  Not unlike when it says not available, it’ll kind of reflect…

Rick:  It will say included.

Fran:  Yeah, okay.

Rick:  Okay so I have your shopping cart. This is the template, the Shopp template for the shopping cart and it’s the template that’s displaying that page right now. If I scroll down here, down to this section where it says if shopp cart needs shipped, this is where the shipping stuff again and this is where the tax stuff happens. And so right now it’s saying, cart shipping and then label estimated shipping and the label = estimated shipping has been replaced with your other label, the one that you customized, right?

Fran:  Okay.

Rick:  And what we’re going to do is take this, this is the entry cart shipping. This is the entry that puts the shipping amount in. What we’re going to do is we’re just going to remove that entirely and we’re going to say include, just like that. So now it’s not going to give the message or put the dollar amount in. It’s just going to say included in exactly the same location.

Now the same thing is true for the tax, right? We’ve got our tax label and then we’ve got the calculated tax and what we’re going to do is take out that tax calculation entirely and then just say no tax. Okay? And then save that. Now what we’ve done is we have replaced some you know, a programmatic functionality that Shopp has with a static answer. Shipping is included and there is no tax. And so it doesn’t really matter what Shopp calculates for that because it’s not going to end up in the… it’s not going to show up on the page.

Fran:  We’ve removed that functionality then.

Rick:  Well, we haven’t removed the functionality, we’ve simply removed the display. If in fact you had it set up so that it charged tax, it’ll still charge the tax, right? We didn’t stop it from charging tax. We stopped it from displaying zeros.

Fran:  Okay.

Rick:  And the same thing is true for shipping. We didn’t stop it from charging shipping. We’ve told it that shipping is free. So now, all we have to do is just change the message. Okay so we have not changed the functionality, we’ve simply changed what’s being displayed in this template.

Fran:  Alright.

Rick:  And then let’s bring up Filezilla. Did I save that? I did save it. So that is cart.php so we’re just going to upload that back to your site and let’s take a look at it. I hate it when that happens.

Fran:  It’s all these new people, right Rick?

Rick:  Pardon me, I’m on the checkout page. I knew I was supposed to be on the cart page.

Fran:  Look at that, there it is.

Rick:  Well, no. Now we have to refresh the cart page.

Fran:  Yeah but you got it.

Rick:  It’s still there.

Fran:  No, no. You have it. That’s what we wanted.

Rick:  Oh, pardon me, included and no tax. Okay great.

Fran:  See, you’re good. You don’t even know it, Rick.

Rick:  You know, I have experienced a great deal of technical failure these last few days. And so I’m prepared to fail.

Fran:  That’s not true, other people that are listening here that are new. Rick’s the guru.

Rick:  Guru or not, my server is still down and in pieces around me. And I still have a problem on my own site that I haven’t been able to fix. And so yes, if misery loves company then we are all together. But if you wanted me to be the flawless guru, I…

Fran:  No, you’ve saved a lot of people everyday. But no, that looks exactly what I’m after there. That looks good.

Rick:  So then we just need to change the checkout page which is exactly the same concept, right? So we’ll open up your checkout page, checkout. We’re going to come look for this, it’s right in here. Let’s see, checkout, I need to find it in this thing. Okay, it needs shipped. Okay so the shipping address, payment options, checkout. Oops, I missed on the… oh, cart summary. Okay so this is… so, my mistake. Let’s go back and look at the page here for a second.

Fran:  Maybe a different template?

Rick:  Let’s proceed to checkout. The very first thing there is contact information. This is the checkout summary. I think that’s a separate template but let’s just log in to your account. Yeah so okay, so that is a different template. I guess it’s going to be checkout summary. Checkout…

Fran:  There’s a summary there, that second to the last file.

Rick:  Very nicely seen, perfect. Okay so then we’re just going to go and find the same kind of things, right? So here we have that cart shipping and we’re going to change that to included and we’re going to take cart tax and we’re going to say no tax. Save it, upload it.

This is why I say that Shopp is the perfect programmers’ plugin. Not because you have to be a programmer to be able to use it because sometimes, it feels like that, but because you have a great deal of control. It’s designed for you to go in and change it like this without screwing it up. So there you go, free delivery and shipping, taxes, no tax. We got it made in the shade

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