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How to Disable Shopp Without Losing the Shopp Data

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In this session we discuss how to disable Shopp without losing the Shopp data. Deactivating the plugin doesn’t have any effect on the data but to be sure you have your data backup your site first. We also talk about manually deleting the files with FileZilla with no effect on the database.

Video Transcript

Member: Volusion is doing some things with Philips Respironics that I may be able to take advantage of, some things they’re doing with Volusion and using their ecommerce site. So I really don’t want to lose what we have in Shopp. But for a little while, I want to take advantage of this trial.

Rick: Sure.

Member: So can you kind of help me how… I’m just worried. If I deactivate the plugin, does that save everything?

Rick: Well, if you deactivate the plugin, it doesn’t delete anything. I think when you delete the plugin, it asks you if you want to also delete the data. But deactivating the plugin doesn’t have any effect on your data.

Member: Okay.

Rick: And well, the first thing to say about that is just backup your site because you can always reinstall Shopp and then upload the Shopp database parts back to the database.

Member: We could just pull that part out or just…

Rick: Yes. So you can always do that. But probably the easiest thing for you to do at the moment is to just deactivate Shopp and let it sit there. Now if you don’t want to let it sit there deactivated, you could manually delete the files with Filezilla and you’d never have to worry about anything bad happening because the database is going to sit there as the database.

Now if 2 years from now you decide you want to go back to Shopp and it’s up to you know, Shopp 2.0, you’ll probably need to reinstall Shopp 1.2.3 first so that Shopp is there. And then when you do the Shopp 2.0, it can upgrade the database in that upgrade process. But besides that, there’s no risk in deactivating. And I mean, if you’re going to try it for 2 or 3 months, I’d just deactivate it and let it sit there.

Member: Okay, that’s kind of what I thought. Okay.

Rick: Now I mean, I have this same thing going on my site where 3 years ago almost now, I set up WP eMember and then I switched from WP eMember to Wishlist Member. But I left the WP eMember database stuff there anyway. Just against the possibility I was going to go back. Now it’s way too late, I would never go back but I still have those database things.

Member: Alright.

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