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Do I Recommend Any Themes Other than Thesis?

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This member wants to know if I recommend any themes other than Thesis and why. I explain why I use and teach the Thesis theme only. Although it’s not the only good theme available.

Video Transcript

And then let’s see, I’m going to wrap up this morning by taking another question from Richard. Richard, I’m going to unmute your microphone though. So Richard, can you… do you have a microphone there? Let’s see, can you hear me Richard? Oh okay, I’m sorry.

So then I’m just going to read your question which is do I recommend using only the Thesis theme or would there be others? Well, it depends. I mean, I suppose it depends on what you want to do. I only use the Thesis theme now. I still have one theme that I have not yet converted to Thesis just because I haven’t taken the time to do it. But yes, you know…the thing is… I guess if you find a theme that you love that looks exactly like you want it to look and it behaves well and people like it then by all means, use it.

However you know, most people who use Thesis do so because they want to change the way the theme works. They don’t want it just to look the same. And in that case, I don’t recommend any other theme besides Thesis because Thesis is so easy to customize relative to other themes. It’s not to say that there aren’t other good themes out there and it’s not to say that you know, you shouldn’t look for other themes. It’s simply to say that every theme is different. You know, things you learn how to do in Thesis are not necessarily going to transfer to other themes. And in fact, something that we’ve seen in our forum is that people who have used other themes expect to find features of those other themes in Thesis and Thesis doesn’t have them… which is one of the reasons why… another one of the reasons why I standardize in teaching Thesis because there are now thousands and thousands of themes and because those themes have been written by thousands of authors. Every theme is going to be different. Customizing that theme is going to be different even if there are some you know, standard similarities. There are going to be so many differences that it’s not practical to try and teach somebody how to… especially a beginner, how to customize just some theme you find in the wild.

And so, Thesis is not the only good theme out there and Thesis is not the only good theme framework. But Thesis is pretty much the only theme I teach and I do that because I think it’s a very good theme.

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