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Does the EZ Backup Plugin Backup Addon Domains

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This member is using the EZ Backup Plugin to backup here WordPress website and asks if it will automatically backup her other “add on” domains. I discuss this as well as other backup solutions such as Backup Buddy and the new real time backup service called “Vault”.

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Video Transcript

Sandy: Can I ask you one more question while I have you?

Rick: Absolutely.

Sandy: And that is about add on domains. I have one hosting account that has add on domains and not domains standing by themselves. When I do a backup the main file, not the database, but the other file does it backup all of the add on domain files at the same time?

Rick: Nope probably it doesn’t. You know, suppose it depends on how you add your add on domains and main domains are set up.

Sandy: Okay.

Rick: And also, how your backup extension is set up. But it probably does not pick up those other folders on your host. So, generally the way you would have it set up is that you would have a root directory that would have… that either has your main WordPress site set up in it or doesn’t. So for example, on my byobwebsite site my wp-content, wp-includes and those are the folders in the root of the website, in the root directory. And then the add on domains and sub domains are in their own directories inside that directory. So if you would backup the root directory, you would be backing up everything. You may have it that way or you may not have it that way. There is one backup plug in called BackupBuddy which I heartily recommend and by default that one will actually backup all the other stuff as well. But it actually can get a little bit unwieldy so I have mine set not to do that and I backup each of those individual databases and file structures separately.

Now, something for you to consider is Automatic has come out with a new service called VaultPress. And in fact, I have VaultPress just installed today on In fact I might even be able to show you that here. This is a for fee backup system but it is a real time backup system that constantly back your site up that is every time, there is a change, they backup your site. You can get snapshots at any point in the process and this costs $15 a month. So that is VaultPress, if you do a little Google search for VaultPress you’ll see that right now they’re just giving out golden tickets which is they’re gradually building this up. But I would suggest you might want to consider that too because it’s even better than just the plain old backup because it also automatically restore… but it’s a constant 100% backup all the time. And so, I’m trying this anyway and it might be something that’s worth trying for somebody else. Does that pretty much cover it for you Sandy?

Sandy: It does, thank you very much.

Rick: Okay, you’re welcome.

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