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Does the WordPress Admin Username Need to be the Same As Your Hosting Account?

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In this session, we discuss why your WordPress Admin username doesn’t need be the same as your hosting account username.

Video Transcript

Rick: Jim asked, “For a WordPress install, does it matter what email address you use? The username and password, I assume, it has to be the ones for your hosting account, correct?”

No Jim, that’s not correct. When you’re installing WordPress you can use any email address. I mean, it should be a valid email address because there’s a lot of  potential stuff that is going to be sent to that email address by your WordPress installation. So for example, if somebody comments on a post, it’s going to send an email to that address. So it should be a valid email address and it should be the one you want to use for the site. But otherwise, it can be any email address you want.

In terms of the login name and password, it’s unique to the site that you’re on right now and not a… I mean, it’s unique to your current WordPress installation. It’s not related in any way to any other sets of usernames and passwords.

You can change your email address and your password easily. You cannot change your username easily. The username, you should not use admin because that’s a security risk to you because now, everybody knows half of your login credentials. And so you should use a unique username. But once you establish it, you’re not going to be able to change it easily. There are ways to change it but it’s not easy.

So anyway, now we are going to move on. Let’s see, just want to make sure…

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