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Does Thesis 2.0 Make Hooks Obsolete?

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In this session we answer the question, “Does Thesis 2.0 make hooks obsolete?” And, no, this is not really the case because there is  some coding that we may still want to do using hooks. Thesis 2.0 allows us to create hooks by specifying a hook name in the container which automatically then create 4 hooks.

Video Transcript

Okay so somebody asked, “Doesn’t… aren’t hooks just obsolete now?” Well, not necessarily. You know because really, there is that 10% of coding that you probably will still may do. 90% of everything people want to do, they can do without coding. But there is still going to be a handful of things that require some code. And the cool thing about this is it does actually allow you to create your own hooks. So you can create a hook in this and then hook into that hook whereas the Thesis hooks were used to be fixed, now you can put a hook anywhere you want. All you have to do is just specify you know, the hook name right down here in your container and it will automatically create 4 hooks for you. It will create the Thesis hook before container, Thesis hook container, Thesis hook container bottom, and Thesis hook after container.

So you know, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to use or to create hooks and not much less need to use them. But besides that, it’s going to be… we’ll find reasons to use hooks.

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