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How to Duplicate a Skin in Thesis 2.1

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In this session we talk about how to duplicate a skin in Thesis 2.1. We talk about the difficulty of duplicating a skin because of some programming that needs to be duplicated as well. Most skin duplicates that exist duplicate skin settings but there’s no good way to duplicate and rename classes and all PHPs that exist between a sophisticated skin like Classic Responsive. We suggest a couple of methods for achieving something similar to a copy.

Video Transcript

Rick: Okay, well your first one was, “What steps are involved in duplicating a skin?”, is that right?

Member: Yes, yes that would be fantastic if you could help me through that.

Rick: Okay, so what do you mean by duplicating a skin?

Member: Let’s see, I have the Classic Responsive skin. I’ve just loaded up Thesis 2.1 and by default there’s only skin, the Classic Responsive skin. I’d like to make a copy of that and then make changes to that one instead of messing around with the original and perhaps making changes that I cannot go back to the original.

Rick: Okay, so there’s no easy way for you to duplicate a skin like Classic Responsive because you also have programming that needs to be duplicated as well, right. Most of the skin duplications that exist duplicates skin content or skin settings but there’s no good way to duplicate and rename classes and all of the rest of the PHP that exist inside of sophisticated skin like Classic Responsive. Now, theoretically what you could do is you know, copy Classic Responsive, rename its folder, rename its class name and then do a search and replace on the default and inside of default PHP replace all the instances of classic_r with whatever you want it to be. So you can theoretically do that and it may work.

Member: Okay.

Rick: However, Thesis has built-in stuff for you to allow you to mess around with that kind of stuff anyway. Inside the Manager for example, you know, well in fact, I didn’t explain what I just did but I just made a change to the skin, right when I was showing Ramona how to get rid of the category.

Member: Sure.

Rick: I made a change and when I said, well I don’t really want to keep that change so all I did was restore the defaults of the skin. Now, what I could’ve done was I could’ve created a backup of the change I’ve made…

Member: Okay.

Rick: And then I could export that backup, I could select any of these things and export it and I could use that export on any other website that has Classic Responsive on it and if I imported those changes it would change that other site to be exactly the same as the original site was, right? So if I exported from site A, imported to site B, site B would now have exactly the same skin settings as site A.

Member: Okay.

Rick: That’s the barking chihuahua part of the café there. So…

Member: That’ll definitely work.

Rick: That doesn’t copy a skin right, it just gives you a complete copy of skin settings which allows you to then just jump back and forth, right because you can at any point in process you know, I save this thing “full image background”. If I restore this it’s going to change the way the.. well, I’ll restore it right now just for grins. If I restore that the thing I saved called “full image background” and come back and view the site, whoops, I also probably want to.. probably Thesis, Skin Design, save those design options and so there it is you know, in a way that I had when I demonstrated how to do this, right. So I save that backup or I back that up, those set of settings up and now it looks like this and all I have to do to get back to it is just go back and restore the defaults. Let’s see, go back to the Skin Editor, Manager, restore my defaults, I’ll restore everything, refresh it. Okay, after I restore the defaults I need to save my skin design, save those design options and I’m back to the default thing.

Member: Fantastic.

Rick: And that applies to everything, right. I mean it’s you know, CSS and the way the you know, you may have structured a template or…

Member: Sure.

Rick: Anything.

Member: Okay.

Rick: That process of backing up, exporting, importing, restoring is the process that you can use to you know, save a certain set of starting places. So if you are a web developer or web designer and you know, you can easily create your own sort of custom tool set out of this by structuring a skin one way you know, say at one starting place that you would normally use. You can just have it all setup that way, export those settings and then maybe you have 2 or 3 different ways you might start a site and then you can just change it to the 2nd or the 3rd way and again export those settings and then you could start every new project with you know, one of those starting places.

Member: Perfect.

Rick: So it doesn’t really require you to duplicate a skin in order for you to get that very powerful functionality.

Member: Awesome.

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