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How to Easily Use the Design from One Thesis Website on Others

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In this session we discuss how to easily use the design from one Thesis website on others using two options. You can use the Skin Manager to create a backup which you then export to your computer and then import it to another site. All the settings are brought automatically to that site.

If you have the Developer version of Thesis then you can access the Developer Tools Box to zip up a skin and create a new default. That default becomes however you have the skin set up. Then you can install the skin on another site.

Video Transcript

Member: I’ve got a discussion going on with another designer who’s trying to figure out a workflow for you know, creating not really your own theme but maybe a design that you use a lot for a client and instead of having to recreate everything just having it load.

Rick: Oh my gosh that is so easy in Thesis 2.1. You have 2 options – one of them is just to use the Skin Manager.

Member: Okay.

Rick: If you go to the Editor and then go to the Manager, if you create a backup and then download that backup right so it’s Export, create the backup and you export that backup to your computer, you can then import that backup to another site and all of those settings will be brought automatically into that site so all of the CSS, all of the design options, all of the templates. Absolutely everything that you had on the site that you made the backup from will be present in the site that you imported it from.

Member: Oh, that’s awesome.

Rick: So that’s one way to do it.

Member: I didn’t know it’s that easy.

Rick: Oh, no it’s slam dunk simple. Now if you have the developer version of Thesis then you also have access to the Developer Tools box and the Developer Tools box will let you zip up a skin and when you do that it creates a new default so that the default becomes however you have that skin set up and then you could just install the skin on the other site.

Member: Uhuh.

Rick: And then when you install it, it will take all those defaults and populate the whole thing. Now the difference between this system and the zipped up system is that any images you put in the images section here won’t be present if you’re using this skin data but if you zip it up they will be.

Member: Got it. That’s perfect!

Rick: Okay so…

Member: Thank you.

Rick: This is something I think I need to do another seminar on because the tools for designers and developers in Thesis are spectacular, very very useful.

Member: Yeah. Thank you so much.

Rick: You’re welcome. You have a great day.

Member: You too.

Rick: Bye.

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