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Features and Teasers – Thesis Home Page Display Options

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In this basic lesson I discuss the differences between featured posts and teasers in Thesis.  I demonstrate how to set the number of featured posts and teasers to display using a combination of the Home Page Display Options and the WordPress Reading Settings.  I also demonstrate how to display all featured posts or all teasers.

Video Transcript

Okay and then finally today, what I wanted to do is talk about the homepage display options under featured posts and teasers. So if we come over here to Thesis Design Options and we scroll down here to Homepage Display Options, we’re going to talk about features and teasers.

Now a featured post is a post that roughly displays all of the content of a post. I say roughly because there actually are some limitations to that and there can be even more if you wish. So in this case, my blog page shows 2 featured posts. It has this featured post which is Sweet Rainier Cherry 2 and this featured post Bing Cherry 2 and those are the featured posts. If we go look at this post, Sweet Rainier Cherry 2, you can see that actually the post is quite a bit larger than was being displayed and that’s because in this post, we have inserted the more tag in here. Now you don’t see the more tag right now because the more tag doesn’t show up in the post itself. But if you go to the blog page, you can see we insert that more tag right there. And so it’s not actually displaying the entire post here. So that’s one of the limitations of the display of a full post. This one doesn’t have a more tag and so it is displaying the full post.

Okay those are featured posts. These are teasers. Teasers are you know, they’ve got a title. They’ve got some kind of meta, they’ve got an image or not. They’ve got an excerpt and they’ve got links off to the main post. So if we look at this… actually, I’ve obviously got a flaw in my HTML on this one. But setting that aside for just a moment, the point I’m trying to make is that this is a teaser of that post and you get to the post by clicking on one of these links that takes you to the post.

Okay so then looking at this under the Homepage Display Options, I have it set right now to show 2 featured posts. I can set it to show 4 featured posts and if I hit save and come back over to the homepage and refresh, now we’ve got a featured post for the Cherry and Bing Cherry 2 and Black Cherries too and for Sweet Red Cherry 2. And this HTML issue is still interfering with the proper display of the sidebars but nevertheless, you’ve got 4 featured posts and then 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 teasers.

Now the number of featured posts and teasers that gets displayed is controlled under this reading settings again. I can see right here that says the blog page shows at most, 10 posts. If we made it 20 posts and hit save changes and then come back over to Design Options and Features and Teasers, now you can say you have the choice of showing you know, 10 featured posts or 20 featured posts. If we leave it at 4 though and refresh this, now what you’re going to have is the 4 featured posts at the top and then you’re going to have 16 teasers. So 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16… and then you get down to your pagination and you go to your previous entries and now, this is going to show 20 if there are 20 left to show. There are 20 left to show so we can go on to the next one and then shows the last 2.

And so, that’s how you set the number of posts that get displayed on your blog page. And if you don’t want any featured post to show, you can select 0 here and hit the save button. Come back over here and refresh the post page and it will all be teasers which a lot of people do. Or if you don’t want any teasers and you want to display all of the posts then you just select the highest number of features here and hit save. Come back over and refresh this and now we’ve got 20 posts displayed. It’s all displaying weird because I screwed up HTML on one of the posts which of course, throws everything off. But in any case, I know you’re not going to worry about that.

So if we take this back over, go to our reading settings and go back to 10, hit save changes and then go to Thesis Design Options and hit Features and Teasers and we’ll go back to show 2 features and it’ll show 8 teasers.

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