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Fixing 404 Errors on A Cloned Site

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In this session, we discuss how to fix a 404 Error on a Cloned Site. We show how you can do that by visiting the Permalinks settings of your site and refreshing your links. You can also install Safe Search Replace Plugin that will replace old URL links to new URL links.

Video Transcript

Rick: But we’re going to start off first with the question from Cathy. Cathy, I just unmuted your microphone. Good morning Cathy!

Cathy: Hello, you there?

Rick: Good morning Cathy.

Cathy: Good morning! Ok, sorry I just caught into it. Yes, my question is regarding, in regards to moving files to a new site. And then the pages just don’t show up, I think the links are broken.

Rick: And by links you mean, do you get the 404 error?

Cathy: Yes

Rick: You know all you need to do is refresh your permalinks. This happened exactly to me a middle of yesterday morning session. And so, all you do is come over to your Dashboard and go to settings and permalinks. And once you’ve done that go back and check your site. You don’t have to save anything or anything, all this does is flushes and resets the permalinks. And once that done, all you’re 404 Error should go away.

Cathy: Perfect. Thank you very much.

Rick: Although, I misinterpreted your question though. Because I thought you we’re asking about how to use relative pass in internal links. And relative pass in custom.css and stuff like that. The answer I just gave has nothing to do with that question.

Cathy: Ok, correct. But is there a way to do relative pass versus absolute pass for the web pages themselves or for each page. When you go in to the page or go on the page, open a page up and you look at the path, it’s usually a…

Rick: It’s always going to be absolute. There’s no way to make that relative, however, you may have a links on your site that break or they still link off to the other site. See, it might have been linked from one page to another and you may have links inside of a page or something that links not to the page copied site but links off to the page on your old site and your live site. In that case, you can use this plugin Safe Search and Replace. And what you would do is, you would search for instances of URLs that are the old URL and replace it with a new. And what this Search and Replace does is, it searches your database. So, it’s not going to fix the custom.css file or a custom-function.php file that has an absolute reference. But it will search all of your content and all of your options and everything that’s stored everywhere in the database. It will search for that, you know, given block of text or whatever it is that you’re searching for and will find it. If it is in the database, it will find it.

Cathy: Awesome

Rick: And so you can, this is a plugin that I have used for situations where I had internal or lots of internal links that I wanted to change.

Cathy: Ok.

Rick: Ok, the nice thing about it is that it, now you can recover from it. If for some reason, you screw it up, you can always just restore back, cause it saves all of its information. And you can restore back. That doesn’t mean though, I mean, before you did any of this what I would do, I would be first immediately download or export your database. So that you have a copy, because there’s nothing faster that, you know, importing. Dropping the tables and importing it. And so, that’s the fastest way to solve the problem. But nevertheless this does have a recovery system, where it can go back and undo its action.

Cathy: Ok. And once you’re done using it you can deactivate it, correct?

Rick: Yeah. That’s what I would do. Yep

Cathy: Ok, great! Thank you very much!

Rick: You bet’cha, have a good day!

Cathy: You do as well.

Rick: Ok, bye bye.

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