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Google Analytics Conversion – Part 1 – Track Free Aweber Opt-ins

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In this session, we discuss what you can track in Google Analytics and how to track conversions from AWeber Opt-ins. To do this a destination URL is created and given to Google, so it can track the success rate. Then we show how to set up the Google Analytics goals.

Video Transcript

Rick: Right, so we’re back at your account right now and we’re looking at your Traffic Sources Overview, right. You’ve had 9,371 people visit the site and you know, 38% of that came from search traffic, 40% comes from referral, 18% comes from people knowing you and 2.99% comes from campaigns. Are you paying for advertising, I mean are you paying Google for advertising?

Member: No.

Rick: I wonder what this is about. I’m going to have to look at this little further.

Member: No, that wouldn’t be AWeber.

Rick: Only if we configured AWeber that way and I don’t think we did.

Member: Okay, okay.

Rick: So I’m not quite sure where this comes from, it’ll be interesting to look at to it a little bit. However, one thing you can see that though is if you go to your traffic sources and you just look at referral traffic for a moment, you know sends you 1,115 visits, Facebook was 561, tatertotsandjello 210. Now, that’s 1,115 you know, is 1,115 over a month, tatertotsandjello is 210 over really since the 17th right?

Member: Right.

Rick: Or since the 19th so you can see that you know, tatertotsandjello is going to be a fairly large source of traffic. You know, overall if we change the dates here to start on the 17th of January and end on the 26th and apply, okay so there’s tatertotsandjello but if we then go back to our referrals and in that timeframe, oh holy smokes so in that timeframe from January 17th to January 26th, is sending you 623 visitors so it’s still. Are you paying for this?

Member: No, they’re an affiliate.

Rick: You know, that’s going to be really interesting for you to see how well this affiliate does.

Member: Well, I mean that she’s been signed up since whatever, May so I mean that’s been definitely my top referrer and yeah so.

Rick: Okay, well you’ll be able to see how well she does too.

Member: Right.

Rick: So anyway, it’s your number 2 source of traffic for that same period of time in any case but is a pretty remarkable traffic source.

Member: Yeah.

Rick: You know if you need to put energy at some place it’s definitely a good place to do it.

Member: Right.

Rick: Okay, well what we’re going to do next is we did this for eCommerce tracking but the next thing we’re going to do is the same thing for free opt-in tracking and it’s a different process for free opt-in tracking because you don’t have in the first place, it doesn’t involve WP eStore and that sort of thing so we’re going to set up one. Which of these opt-ins do you want to set up?

Member: Well, it was the slide that just came on so it’ll go back again.

Rick: Okay.

Member: Because there’s another way to get to it other than the slide.

Rick: This one here?

Member: Nope, that’s the next one. That one.

Rick: Okay, so this is the one that we want to track.

Member: Right.

Rick: And then if we go over to your AWeber account, which of these lists is it?

Member: Hang on just a second, sorry. It’s about halfway down, scf5opening.

Rick: Okay, this is that list right here.

Member: Yes.

Rick: Okay and so what we’re going to do is we’re going to edit this list and let’s see confirmed opt-in. What we’re going to do is create a success URL page because what we need in order to track all of this, we need to give Google something to track and what Google can track is a destination URL. If the only way to this success URL page is through a confirmed opt-in then we can use that destination as the means of tracking where that stuff came from. So what we have to do then is create a page and let’s see, let’s just look at your page layout here for just a second. What’s the name of that page we’re looking at? It’s Free 5-Part Mini Series main page, okay and it is on the top level so let’s see Free 5-Part. Well that didn’t work.

Member: It’s the Opening Act! I think is that page

Rick: This is it here?

Member: I believe so.

Rick: Oh maybe it didn’t work then. Oh it did yeah, okay pardon me. Okay so It’s the Opening Act! so we’re going to just say Add New and we’re going to say “Thank You For Signing Up for” what are you calling this, the mini series?

Member: Yeah, you can just call it the Opening Act that’s fine.

Rick: Now, you’re going to want to put some

Member: Right.

Rick: Some text in here, it doesn’t have to be a lot but it may as well be something that tells them what to expect, right?

Member: Right.

Rick: Check your inbox, blah, blah, blah. So then we come down here to It’s the Opening Act!, we’re going to make it a child page of It’s the Opening Act! and the other thing we’re going to do is we’re going to noindex the page, nofollow and noarchive so that Google doesn’t inadvertently return as a search result and then we’re going to publish it. Actually, this is Thank You for Signing Up then we’re going to view that page. Okay and so now that we’ve got this URL we come back to our list settings and we place that in this success page box so inside of list settings under confirmed opt-in, what we’re going to do is when the confirmation is successful they’re going to be routed to this page. If we save that, that’s why it’s going to work from now on for everybody else who signs up. Okay?

Member: Okay.

Rick: And then back under Google Analytics what we’ll do is come back to Home and Settings then we’ll come over here to Goals and let’s well, let’s go back to Goals for a second here. Oh, that’s a free

Member: Yeah, that’s different I don’t have that anymore so

Rick: Okay, so we’re just going to create a new goal for the time being, we’re going to call this one, what is this? This is, I’ve already forgotten any of it.

Member: Opening

Rick: Opening Act Sign Up okay. Let’s see Google Analytics, Opening Act Sign Up and it’s a destination URL, the goal URL is that, we’ll go ahead and leave it as an exact match except that the thing to know is that we don’t actually want the full URL here. We don’t want the in there, we just want /free, I mean we just want the page, right because it already knows what the URL is and there’s actually a little bit of direction down here about this but it amazes me that I missed that the very first time I tried to do this and when I was doing a little bit of research for this, I found a tutorial online that also missed it.

So anyway, it’s important not to miss that, you don’t want the domain name or any of the rest of that, all you want is the / and then the rest of the domain name so in this case it’s this page and the subpage. If you want to put a value in here it will give you a value but really, all you really have to here is just save that and now, when the time comes to determine you know, when somebody signs up it’s going to show you what the referral source was or if they search for something on Google it’s going to show you what the search terms were or any of those kind of things.

Member: Okay.

Rick: You know, I don’t actually have a free opt-in thing signed up. Oh actually, let’s just go I’ll just show what it looks like on mine. So I do have a free register and so if we go standard reporting and look at conversions and goals and overview. Let’s see, let’s look at the all goals, let’s just look at the free register goal. So this month I’ve had 48 people register for a free account on my site okay.

Member: Actually that date switched from only the 17th so you probably have a lot more.

Rick: You’re right. I was going to say I thought it was more than that.

Member: More than that.

Rick: Let’s see so let’s just well, so if we pick what’s the date today? So if we go down to the 26th, actually the 27th or the 26th probably is right, apply yeah, 144. Now, this is actually not accurate either because I don’t actually have this set up right. I have this set up as people going to the free register page but it doesn’t track people who successfully registered and I’m going to switch my goal to being exactly what we’ve just done with you but I just haven’t gotten around to it. So what this does is this tracks everybody who actually goes to the free register page.

However, once you know this you know, you can pick the source medium and you can say 69% of them came from Google, 31 were direct, 12 came from tipsandtricks-hq, 6 came from diythemes, 4 came from another site, 4 came from my Youtube site so you know, you can see where the source of the traffic to that page is. Now I’m going to fix this so that it only tracks actual sign ups because I think my actual sign ups are about half of this but this does track the people who go to my free registration page. Yours is going to track actual sign ups because we configured yours that way.

Member: Right.

Rick: And it’ll be interesting I think, maybe you’ll come back next week and just see what we learned.

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