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Have there been recent changes to WP eStore?

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A member asks if there have been any changes to WP eStore that would make designing a catalog easier.  There have been new developments in the WP eStore lately but the fundamental concepts in our video tutorials stay the same. In this Live Answer we look at changes in the WP eStore catalog shortcodes, additional options for product display and new email tags.

Video Transcript

Brian asked me a question about whether or not changes in… whether or not there have been any recent changes to WP eStore that will make formatting the display better than the solutions I showed in the videos.

And you know, Brian, actually there’s sort of a… you know, there’s 2 sides of that answer. The first part is yes, there have been some changes to WP eStore that affect how stuff can be displayed but it doesn’t really make it any better. It just makes it different. If you want to customize the new methods of display, you still have to follow the procedures that I demonstrate even if there are more display choices.

And so I want to take a brief look at this modification and I will say that your question did prompt me to want to go back and look where the WP eStore is to date. And it definitely has undergone some revisions since we’ve completed this and so there are new shortcodes and there are new ways to apply old shortcodes.

And basically there are now 7 of these fancy displays and you have 7 display styles and 4 button styles that you can select from. But you can see that there’s you know, this is…. I don’t remember which one this way but this is like fancy display 3 or something like that. You’ve got this version and this version. You’ve got the vertical version and you’ve got the little compact version and then we’ve got a couple of other versions, including a version that allows for pay per view content and a version that allows for audio demo element to the display.

And so there definitely are some changes and some additions, at any rate, to the different ways in which you can display products. But they still get used roughly the same. You can still see the shortcodes that we use in the lessons themselves WP eStore fancy 3 id = 1. This shows the fancy 3 display with and the product id of 1. But they’ve added to that the ability to identify a style and identify, in terms of category display, you can identify the order in which the products are displayed. You can identify which fancy style you want displayed.

And then in addition to that, you can also select what kind of button that you want displayed. And so the type parameter, this type here, is the type of button that’s involved in display, whether it’s add to cart, buy now, subscription, or download now. That’s 1 through 4. And then the style is 1 through 7 and then the id is then of course, the product. And so this is a little bit different than what I’ve taught in the lesson but nevertheless it does have all the same features to it and if you don’t really like the way that… if you don’t really like the way any of these fancy styles you know, displays and you want to add your own colors to it, you still need to go through the process that I teach in the WP eStore tutorials.

So… but there are some new ones and I… and it is going to encourage me to do a new… an update to the video. In addition to that, actually there are some… there’s a whole bunch of new codes or email codes too which I think would be very useful. Again, it’s the same concept but let’s see… if we can find where those are here… so let’s go to a plugin page. Then we’ll go the shortcodes page, I think. Alright, let’s see. Detailed documentation, I guess, is where we have to go. And then we go to shortcodes and email tags… and it does have a whole bunch of new email tags which you could insert into your sales emails when you… or the response emails when somebody purchases something. And it also has the ability to have a free yet secured downloadable product which is also I think, quite a useful tool.

So the concepts are all the same as they used to be and the system is the same but there definitely are some new additional tweaks that you can employ and I will update video, maybe even a couple of update videos to add to the ecommerce site.

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