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Help! I’ve Lost all my Thesis Styles

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In this session we discuss how Thesis styles were lost and fix it using Design Options. We recreate the damaged layout.css by saving the Thesis Design Options.

Video Transcript

Member: Yes, my website that I built through BYOB and I’m very happy with,, it seems like the styling has gone away. The nav bar was… I don’t know if I went in and accidently unchecked something. I’m hoping it’s that simple. You can see the header image is gone. The nav bar is normally orange in color and I used the BYOB… one of your widgets to make sure that looks nice. And so for some reason, I’ve lost some of that style that I had on that page or on that whole site.

Rick: Yeah. Plus it looks like your… some of your columns are narrower and that kind of stuff too. So I’m going to make you the presenter here so we can take a look at that real quick.

Member: Okay.

Rick: What I want you to do is go into your dashboard and show me which version of Thesis you have activated.

Member: Okay.

Rick: So do you see the dialogue where it says, “Show my screen”?

Member: Let’s see here. Is it inside the little box that we used to…

Rick: No. It should be… if you click on the little blue flower at the bottom, it should pop up.

Member: Got it.

Rick: Okay so let’s go ahead and look at your dashboard and look at which version of Thesis you have activated.

Member: You know what? I’m using another monitor. I guess you’re probably seeing my… I’ll just move this over here.

Rick: Yeah, I see the monitor with a… right, okay. Now we see that so we go down to Appearance and Menus… I mean, themes, I’m sorry. Not menus, themes.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Okay so you have Thesis 1.8.4 activated. So then… and activating that was something we did together, wasn’t it?

Member: Yes.

Rick: Okay so then let’s go to Thesis and Design Options. Yeah, go right above Appearance and Widgets. Just go to… above Appearanc, there you go, Thesis and Design Options.

Member: Did I get it? There it is, okay.

Rick: Yeah, expand columns for me. Okay so go ahead and hit save to this. I think this is the whole problem there. If you just hit save, I’m going to bet you that the problem is solved now. I don’t know why that would be the case but… okay, it is.

Member: You think it’s going to work now?

Rick: It almost works. Your header doesn’t… your header isn’t clickable at the moment so scroll down a little bit here. Let’s look at Display Options. It’s still in Thesis Design Options. See, you just have to scroll page your down so we can see more of the design options.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Okay and then look at… actually, up a little, there you go. Under Display Options, it says header. Click on that and say… and click on Show Site Name and Header and now hit save. And that makes your header image clickable. So now go take a look at your site.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Now honestly, I don’t know why this problem arose but you know, it looks to me like… it looked to me like some of your design options weren’t being applied. So I… so when I saw in the columns, have you moved over your site to take a look at it?

Member: Yes, I’m on the other monitor. It looks fine now.

Rick: Okay. So when I looked at the columns, I could see that your column settings were for 600 and 325. But the apparent column widths were the old style. And so I think somehow, what happened was that the old… that your layout CSS file got overwritten somehow. And so I just… so anyway, once we hit save, we wrote a new copy of layout CSS which theoretically, should have applied all over design options and the problem is solved.

Member: How nice that we had a quick resolve. Thank you for fixing that.

Rick: Yeah, you bet. No problem.

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