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Help! My Post Content doesn’t Show Up on the Post!

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In this session we discuss why a post’s content doesn’t show up on the post. We show how to change the permalink structure for the URL so that the category name is in front of the post name to both fix the problem and help SEO. The problem existed here because of the attachment of an image with exactly same name as the title of the post so WordPress couldn’t figure out which to display.

Video Transcript

Member: I did a post today, a new post and what happened is that…

Rick: Oh wait. Right, right, right.

Member: It totally… this is the first time it ever happened. I have no idea what I did wrong.

Rick: Okay well,  I’m going to make you the presenter here okay? So we can see your screen.

Member: Okay.

Rick: And then…

Member: You know…

Rick: Did you understand the answer I gave about permalinks? Did you try that?

Member: No, I haven’t done anything. I saved it for…

Rick: Okay there you go. So let’s go ahead and… let’s look at that post first. Go to the posts.

Member: Okay. I’ve got it in a specific category at one end as well as it goes into the blog page. So when it’s posted, I mean, everything’s here.

Rick: Okay so let’s go into settings and permalinks over on the left there where it says Settings and go to permalinks.

Member: Okay.

Rick: And what we’re going to do is select custom structure and then in front of post name, type… in the very front of post name, type /%category% and hit save changes.

Member: Is this because the categories are in the header? I mean, in the nav bar?

Rick: No, it’s not. The thing is that… and I’m not sure this is going to solve the problem but from your standpoint, what you want… you want to use the category name in front of the post name anyway. From an SEO standpoint, your URL is way better if it’s got the category name in front of the post name. So now let’s go over to your site and see if it works. Let’s see, let’s go back over. Let’s refresh this page. Yeah, see that solves the problem. And I think that the reason the problem existed is because your attachment which was the name of the image that you’ve got there, was exactly the same name as your title. And so WordPress couldn’t figure out whether or not it should display the attachment or the post so it displayed the attachment.

Member: I see. So should I cancel this stuff out?

Rick: Yeah. And you know, a new person doesn’t realize what an image is in this case but WordPress is using this… considers an image like this to be a post type and it’s a post type attachment. And since you only had post name in your URL, the attachment name and the post name were the same so it showed you the attachment for whatever reason. And now, it doesn’t do that. Now it’s going to show you the whole thing.

Member: Okay, alright. Alright, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Rick: No. It was just a little… it’s one of those irritating little gotchas that you don’t… not going to see come in unless you’ve experienced it in the past.

Member: Yeah.

Rick: So… and I wasn’t absolutely sure that would fix it either but obviously, it did so…

Member: Yeah, that worked well.

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