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How and When to Use the Thesis Home Page SEO Options

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This member asked how and when to use the Home Page SEO options in Thesis. We discuss where those options are displayed and when they are used. This is different for a blog style site than it is for a static front page style site. I demonstrate how this works on my own website.

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Video Transcript

Rick: And so now we have a question from Chung.  It says regarding on page SEO, can you show us how to take advantage of Thesis’ on page SEO when building a blog versus a business site.  You know, interestingly enough, Sandy asked me that very similar question this morning and in the first version of these.  And I did a 20 minute or so discussion about how to use Thesis on page SEO. I hope to have that stuff posted later on… well, it’s not going be today; I would suggest that you take a look at that video answer.

Chung: Okay.

Rick: But why don’t you explain to me what you mean by when building a blog versus a business site?

Chung: Well I noticed that you had showed static pages but versus just a blog…

Rick: Yeah.

Chung: I’ll have to go to my site… just logging in to my website…. Like under site options for Thesis,  what the e-commerce website that you’re showing us, you’re teaching us how to build… do we do anything with the home page SEO because I noticed that you don’t collect the show home link the other one and then based on… I think that’s based on the static that’s based on using a static home page right?

Rick: It is, you’re right.

Chung: Right so versus your latest post so when I talk about blog versus the website, I mean I could be wrong and I don’t know if I’m understanding it but when you refer to your latest post, it’s kinda more of a blog type thing.  And your static page would be more of a business type of website right?

Rick: Yeah, that’s… I think that generally is the case that a business website doesn’t have a blog as its home page.  So when you’re looking right here at this screen right, and the Thesis site options as its home page SEO there, this all has to do with the blog page.  And so, which would be the page if you go down to your reading settings and instead of your latest post, if your latest post was selected, then that would affect the home page.  Because your latest post was not selected, it doesn’t actually affect the home page.  What affects… in that case, the front page has its own title and meta description and the blog page has its own title and meta description because they’re above based off of pages.  And if it wasn’t… if the latest post was selected here, there wouldn’t be any page called home like there is right now.  And so that’s why on page or that home page SEO is there and if you have a static front page why you don’t need to use it because you already have access to both of those things in your pages’ dialogue.  This is my home page right here and so I’ve got the SEO title and the meta description option already there and the same thing is true with my blog page which is here and well, maybe I’m mistaken.  Let’s just see real quick here. We’ll take a look at what happens on the blog, see what thing says.  I’m gonna look at my page source here… view page source and here’s my title – Build Your Own Business Website: How to Develop Your Own Small Business Web Presence.  And then my description – we teach small businesses how to develop their own web presence.  You know what, that does in fact come not from, obviously there’s nothing here on this page.  It does obviously come from…

Chung: Your site options.

Rick: From that, yes the site options.  That’s right here, it obviously comes from this.  And I didn’t realize that.  I realized it at some point because I put stuff in here but I didn’t remember that.

Chung: So if we put the stuff in home… let’s say you leave your page as is right now, meaning like a static page and then you have your home page and you have your blog too, so what you have in your on… home page SEO is that what shows up in Google like setting and then the description on the bottom? Is this what shows up in Google?

Rick: Yes, this will show up as the search engine… what is that…. the SERP… it looks like it’s… so that is this right here.  So there’s the SERP that is the result, the Google result for the home page.  There’s the title.  Actually…

Chung: How did you do this right here?  How did you just pull up the screen?

Rick: Well, okay.  This is a plugin that I use called Scribe.

Chung: Okay.

Rick: It’s a plugin that… it’s essentially an SEO plugin that keeps you… keeps us honest.  I mean, really we know how to… you know, do this stuff but you get lazy and you’re gonna work away and you think you got your keywords set up right and all of that stuff and then once we started testing with Scribe, we started doing much better in Search Engine Optimization really.  I mean search engine results. Scribe has really improved our Google traffic because it just keeps… it’s disciplinary.  It makes sure that you’ve got keywords here and keywords in the right spot there… keywords in the right spot there and the right number of links throughout your content… make sure that you’ve got the right kind of headings and title tags and all the rest of that stuff set up.  And you can see it gave us 100% for our home page… if you want to know more about that, I’ve got a link to Scribe over here on my blog but we use it constantly.  It’s an excellent service and I have another member who just a couple of weeks ago signed up with them and started using and he said that his ranking’s just really started to improve significantly.  His Alexa ranking.

Chung: Okay, I guess going back to home page SEO, if you did not fill out that document tag… I mean that title tag and then the meta description… the title tag and the home page SEO under site options is the same thing as the custom title tag….

Rick: Yes it is.

Chung: Okay so you can either fill out in your site options or you can fill it out in your post and in your blog.

Rick: That’s right, yeah.

Chung: Okay.

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