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How do you Transfer a Website to a Client?

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Transferring a completed site to the client requires just one tool: BackupBuddy. This tool allows you to make a full copy of the site, download it to your computer and then upload it to the client’s site.  When you run the import part of the software on the client’s site it unpacks the files, writes everything to the database, and changes all of the URL structure so all the old addresses are changes to the new location.  When it works perfectly it only takes a few minutes.

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Video Transcript

Chung: Yeah and the last thing is when you sell a site to someone, what’s the best way… because I know you have a lot of sites and when I have a site to finish and I want to you know, I want to completely get rid of it and sell to someone.  What is the work process that you go through?

Rick: I have no idea.

Chung: You have no idea?  Oh.

Rick: I’ve never sold a site.

Chung: Oh okay.

Rick: The sites I build are all related to this business or for other clients.

Chung: Okay so for other clients then, you just use project management systems like Team Box… so meaning that the client would buy their own hosting, they would…I mean they would pay for everything and then how does that… how does your process work?

Rick: And then I just… work on a payment arrangement with them and then I just do the work til we get done and then they pay me as we have agreed.  You know… didn’t you ask me how I transfer a site?

Chung: Yes, yes, yeah exactly so that kinda like… that’s what I mean by selling… like if I want to transfer a whole site to someone so that they would now own it.

Rick: Transferring the site… easily just requires one tool and it’s BackupBuddy. I’m turning it on right here on my screen.  BackupBuddy allows you to make a full copy of your site and includes all of the files and all of the database.   It makes a perfect copy of the site and then you download that copy to your computer and then you upload another file called ImportBuddy.  You upload that file to the server where you’re migrating the site to and then you upload the file that you created with BackupBuddy to that same location in that server and then you just run ImportBuddy. And it unpacks it, it expands it, it writes database, it changes all of the URL structure inside so that all the old addresses that were in the database are now changed to the new location.  And, I mean really when it works perfectly, it only takes a few minutes.

Chung: Okay, so what I can do is… let’s say I have Chung’s website on HostGator1 and then I buy another hosting for one of my clients and then I do the work and then I just use BackupBuddy to upload… to download and then upload all the files to the other… to HostGator2 they…then my client would now have everything, like all the files, etc.

Rick: All the files, all the plugins, all the… I mean everything, right.  It’s not just part of it.  It’s everything in the site that gets copied and set up that way.

Chung: Okay and I don’t know if… what about Thesis’ other… the policy of their own?  because I have a developer license so that means… would I be going against regulations if I…

Rick: I don’t think so.

Chung: If I included Thesis?  I mean, I’m not letting them download, it’s just a part of the website if that’s what they like.

Rick: I don’t think so.  You know, I don’t know the answer that for sure but it seems to me like you are able to build your own site with it and as many sites as you want with a developer’s license. And if you choose to sell a site after you’re finished with it, you know, but I don’t know that for sure.

Chung: Okay, alright.

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