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How I Record My Videos

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In this session we answer a member’s question regarding how and what settings we use to record our videos. We introduce the video recording and editing software called Camtasia and discuss the settings and the process we use for producing the videos.

Video Transcript

Okay the 2nd question Jared asked me today was about how I record or what settings I use when I record my videos. Now, as you know or probably know, I use Camtasia Studio for recording this stuff. Camtasia Studio cannot… I mean, I can’t really show you how to use Camtasia Studio while using Camtasia to record. And those of you who are participating in this live, you can actually see my entire screen. So you can see a 1600 by 1200 monitor.

However, those people who are watching the taped or watching the video of this see a smaller screen. They see this 1600 by 900 screen and that’s because I have this… I have my recording area set up as being from this corner to this corner which is 1600 pixels wide and 900 tall. So I don’t record my entire screen but instead, here’s the little recording thing for that. Oh, I can’t really… I can’t show you what it looks like unless I was to stop it. But when that’s activated, this is actually a little bit greyed out. You can’t really tell that but what’s happening right now is it’s just recording this section right here.

So I record 1600 by 900 and it’s the window that I record. When I’m finished with it, I save the file as a standard Camtasia file and then I import it into Camtasia into a Camtasia project. But when I import it into a Camtasia project, I import it into its final size. And in this case, the final size of all of my videos from now on and it’s been this way for a number of months, are 1280 by 720. That is the standard web HD configuration and so I import the Camtasia recording file into a Camtasia project at 1280 by 720 pixels. And then I simply produce that file using Camtasia’s standard web settings.

Now, if you’re not using Camtasia, none of this stuff makes any sense but the concept here is that I record a larger window then I produce so that I can zoom in on a particular element without losing clarity. And so that’s why I show… why I record this 1600 but I produce it at 1280 so that I can zoom at 100% and I will get a much closer view of whatever it is I’m looking at without having a loss of clarity of the video. And if you don’t use Camtasia, if you use some other kind of video recording system, undoubtedly, you can do the same thing. You can record it at one size and then if you want to import it into whatever editing program that you’re using, you can import it into a smaller size. Nevertheless, still an HD size but then when you zoom in a closer view of that file, if you zoom into 100%, you won’t lose clarity of the video.

That’s pretty much all I can tell you about how I record these videos. It’s actually not very complicated. Camtasia has a great set of video tutorials on how to use their own product and that’s exactly what I rely on. So I don’t really have any advice on how to use you know, Mac Movie Maker or Windows Movie or any of the other Sony Vega or any of the other types of software that are being used to create videos. I create all my videos using Camtasia Studio for Windows and it’s actually quite simple what I do. I don’t really do anything complicated or special besides what I’ve just described.

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