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How Should I Secure my WordPress Website?

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In this session we discuss how to secure WordPress websites. We recommend to use Sucuri because it scans the site for vulnerability.  We also discuss the basics of using strong passwords, the use of virus protection to make sure viruses are not passed from the computer to the website when logging in to the dashboard, keeping plugins and WordPress up to date and avoiding using plugins from sources that are not trusted. We talked about the safest resources for plugins and being cautious about getting plugins from elsewhere that might allow to get the site hacked.

Video Transcript

Member: Just regarding general security issues with WordPress sites, I know that I should be doing some things that I’m not doing and that’s next time my WordPress learning curve so do you have services that you or plugins that you like? Do you have something that you would recommend?

Rick: Well, the only thing I recommend that you do besides the basics and I don’t do anything besides the basics.

Member: Okay.

Rick: But the only thing I would recommend that you do besides the basics is use Sucuri.

Member: Okay.

Rick: The basics are, strong passwords.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Make sure you’re not passing viruses from your computer to your website when you login to your dashboard so you need a virus protection on your computer.

Member: Right.

Rick: Keep your plugins and WordPress up to date and avoid using plugins from sources that are not trusted. Now, plugins can be trusted because they are checked for security issues before they’re allowed to be live and if they don’t meet the security tests then they’re removed from the repository. So you can trust those plugins but otherwise you have to be cautious about getting plugins from elsewhere and then stuff just happens.

You know, there was a plugin that people liked a lot called, Pop Up, not Pop Up Revolution but I don’t know, it’s the big commercial pop up plugin that lots of internet marketers were using but it wasn’t coded very well and it had a huge security vulnerability which allowed lots of sites to get hacked and so even theoretically good, well used commercial plugins can get hacked if they make mistakes.

Member: Right.

Rick: So you know, I like Envato’s CodeCanyon, right and I often use CodeCanyon plugins but I never use them from people who haven’t sold a whole bunch of them and have lots of really good reviews.

Member: Okay.

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