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How to Add a Category to the Thesis Nav Menu

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This member asks how to add a specific category to her menu. She is using the Thesis Nav Menu. I demonstrate how to add a category to the menu using Site Options.

Video Transcript

Oh, Cathy is here…oh so there you go, Cathy. So Cathy says that she’s created a category in her site called Dr. O’s rap and she wants to use that category as a navigation tab. So let’s go over to her site. So let’s go over to her site…okay, let’s go over to her site. Okay so, now the first thing to say is that… oh, well it looks like it’s already there. It looks like you already have Dr. O’s rap so this is the category. Okay well, then the thing to do would be to… let’s see. First, let’s just see whether or not this is a Thesis Nav menu or a WordPress menu. UL class menu… okay it’s a Thesis nav menu. So then, the way you do that is to go to Thesis Design Options or Site Options and okay. I’m going to pretend I’m using the… I’m going to use Thesis Nav menu here for a second. And you just go to this categories thing and you select the category and then hit save. And that’s all you have to do.

So now, if we go back over to our site you know, here’s Uncategorized in our menu. So it’s actually very, very simple to add a category.

Now the thing though is the name of the category is going to be what shows up here. So… and you don’t really have any control over that. If you want to have control over that, if you want to change that up, you could use… instead of that… pardon me, wrong site. Instead of the Thesis Nav menu, you could use the WordPress menu system and then the WordPress menu system would in fact, allow you to change the label.

So let’s see, we’re going back to Site Options. You know, she asks, should she get rid of the page that’s named the same? And you don’t actually have to get rid of it but it certainly is going to cause… it has the potential for causing confusion. So you might want to change the name slightly, at least, I would especially because you don’t have any numbers in your permalinks. I’d forgotten about that part.

So the…I’m losing my train of thought here. In the absence of any numbers in your permalinks here actually, WordPress will have a difficult time if you’ve got a category called Dr. O’s rap and a page called Dr. O’s rap. In fact, that’s why you should include one of the date parameters inside of this just so you can beat those kinds of problems. But you know, in this situation, I think it probably makes sense for you to change up the page name because I think it’s just going to be… it would be confusing too. So…

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