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How to Add a Download Link for a PDF File

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In this session we show a member the easiest way to add a download link for a PDF file in a page. We also suggest the J Shortcodes plugin for creating a simple download button.

Video Transcript

We’ll take it on next Wednesday. We’ll certainly can.

(00.03) We can do it next Wednesday.


If I could, I do have that one question I tried to Skype you last evening. I was trying to put in a text box, in the widget side a picture. Actually, the picture was like download this or something of that nature. And I was trying to get a PDF document to open when I clicked the button. I got the button working but I could not move to get the PDF open correctly and I totally didn’t have that code either. Should that be a Wednesday for you also?

No. What happened when you clicked it?

It didn’t go anywhere. It just… the icon spun and then it just stayed on the same spot. So it didn’t do anything. So I assumed there was code I was not… I had the PDF…

Can you give me a link to that?

Oh gee, I don’t think I can because I took it off the website until I could get it working correctly.

Well, the chances are that there is just an error in the address of the PDF location.

Okay, I had the PD… okay. I think I… you kind of shared with me earlier when you were doing the… working with the code on your example and I think I might know where it is. I was chopping the whole amount of code and I didn’t need the whole amount of code. I’ll tinker with it.

Well, the easiest way to insert a PDF file into a page is… let’s go to a page here for a second and let’s just say we’re going to edit this page here. The easiest way to do that is to use this Add Media button and then you know, select a PDF file. Where am I going to find a PDF file? So you select a PDF file and then say Download Now, insert it into the post and you know, if you want this to be in a widget, you’d do the same thing, right? You just… you could put it in a page like that, copy the link and place it in a widget. You would add background… if you wanted it to be a big button like an image button, you’d need to add background styling to this link text so that yeah, you’d essentially use an image link. But the href would be to the location of this PDF. But you know, right now, if you just hit Download Now, my browsers are set to open a PDF file, not to download it. You don’t have control over how a person’s browsers are set. They’re just automatically set. But anyway you know, if I wanted to download this you know, I’d have to right click and say Save Link As… and then it would ask me you know, the name of the PDF file and where I wanted to save it.

But anyway, that’s the easiest way to put a PDF in and if you want it with a big Download Now button then what you want to do is put it, use a background image for that and you would use one of my tutorials on how to create a you know, an image link and that sort of thing.

Let’s see, so does that make sense?

It makes sense. Yes, I was trying to use your tutorial last night but I think I (4.47) somewhere so that’s fine. I’ll work on… I was able to do it as a download link just like you have here but my problem came when I wanted to make that into a button. So I’ll relook at your tutorial, thank you.

Okay you know, why don’t you look at the J Shortcodes tutorial? You know, you could use J shortcodes here… do I have these shortcodes installed? No, I don’t have J shortcodes installed. But you could easily use J shortcodes to create a download button for that link without using an image and it should work you know, perfectly. So how about, maybe look at the J Shortcodes Plugin tutorials because you should be able to create a nice little button with a download link on that without any code, without resorting to using an image for that so…

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