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How to Add a Flash Banner to the Thesis Header

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In this session we discuss how, with the use of a plugin that Rick has created, you can add a flash banner to your Thesis header. We show how to do it by simply uploading a prepared flash image and then placing the code in a widget.

Video Transcript

But I’m going to show you now the plugin that I wrote. It’s in a beta format. It’s not you know, it’s not entirely without flaws, I suspect. I haven’t had a chance to test it fully and I just ran out of time here today but we’re going to play with it a little bit anyway today. And it is a way in which you can add a flash banner to your header and essentially replace you know, this header with a flash banner. Or actually, you’ll be able to replace it with anything but I’m going to show you an example of flash banners since that was the question you asked.

Yeah. Having a banner that fades words you know, it’s pretty nice. It’s nice to look at.

Yeah. Well okay so sit back and relax and I’ll give you a show.

Alright. I will do the best I can.

Okay so the first thing we’re going to do is go over to the site under Member Benefits and Plugins. And this is my 4th plugin that I’ve added to this site. I will be adding a 5th plugin by Monday, one that allows us to switch menus based on whether somebody’s logged in or not. And I don’t have a lot of information yet about this so everybody will just have to bear with me. You know, the Thesis feature box plugin is fully fleshed out and you know, has nice little videos on how to use it and you know, all kinds of descriptions. But this Thesis header widgets plugin does not yet.

The Thesis header widget essentially allows you to create a couple of widgetized areas in the Thesis header and you can either retain native Thesis functionality or you can replace it entirely with these widget areas. So I’m just going to click on that link to download it and then I’m going to upload it to this demonstration site we have going here.

Let’s see, go to the dashboard and add new plugin and upload a plugin and let’s see, I just downloaded this here. So byob Thesis header widgets version 1. So when it’s activated, what it does is it creates a little menu down here. Now I have a few… I have the other plugins installed also but this little byob Thesis plugin shows up as soon as you install one of these. And we’re going to look at the header widgets plugin in this little demonstration here.

And what we’re going to do is we’re going to leave the header as one big area but we’re going to turn off all margin and padding in the header. So I’m just going to put 0 in all of those and then because we’re only doing one area, we’ll add this information to the left header area. The left header is the one that will… the left header area is default if you only have one area in the header then you’re going to use the left header area.

Now you could choose to retain the default Thesis functionality in this part of the header area but if you check that box, this little orange thing says, “Don’t check the box if you wish to add widgets to this header area.” And that’s what we’re going to do. Now, I also don’t want any padding or margin on these things but I can just go ahead and leave them alone for the moment. Although we are going to make this 960 pixels wide, that’s how big the margin is or the header is.

So then I’m just going to scroll down and hit save changes and if we look at the page right now… isn’t that funny? So the feature box stuff that I did last week shows up here in this sidebar. Right now, we’ll come back over to the Appearance and Widgets and I have this left header widget area. I used to have… this text box was the one I used for demonstrating the feature box plugin. I’m just going to move that over here and out of the way.

So anyway, in our left header widget area now is blank and I’m going to put a text widget in it and then I need to upload my flash banner. And so let’s see, I’m going to go to media… where do we go? Media Library, add new, select the file… let’s see, I want my downloads folder and go find that SWF file, Rick SWF. An artist friend of mine who’s helped me quite a bit on this site, make this little flash file for me last night and I’m going to go ahead and grab that URL and hit save all changes. Go back to widget, open up that left header widget area. I’m going to paste that URL here for a moment. It’s actually not useful to me in that format. I need to add… because it’s a raw flash file rather than one that’s created with an object, I need to add some object information to it too. But the chances are, you are getting your flash embed code either from a designer or from a site where you created it and that flash embed code generally will come with all of the rest of this additional code associated with it. So I’m not going… you won’t generally have to do this but because mine is raw, I do. I’m just essentially putting the location of that file in 2 different places in this flash embed code and then hit save. Oh, did that save? Yeah, there we go.

And then actually, it’s probably there. There it is. So learn to build a membership website and the gal is typing away.

And obviously, the flash part of this was not the hard part, right? The flash is just taking your embed code from your flash video and placing it in this text widget, we could just as easily take… well, we could take… instead, we could add a you know, a tag cloud is not a very good idea. But we could do a let’s see, a NextGen slideshow instead.

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