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How to Add a Hover Style to a Thesis 2.1 Query Box

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In this session we demonstrate how to add styling to the hover state of a Thesis 2.1 query box and add opacity to the image.

Video Transcript

Member: It’s one little off, yeah.

Rick: Yeah, got it.

Member: Well, you can see there are 8 query boxes here with pages inside of, inside them.

Rick: Uhuh.

Member: And I want to style a query box by putting the like a hover but um…

Rick: Well, you don’t have an a right? So, it’s just,

           .query_box:hover {}
And then say background-color: red;
.query_box:hover {
background-color: red;

Right, so now when you hover over it it changes color.

Member: Okay, and also the opacity of the image. Probably, yeah.

Rick: Well, the problem you’re…you want to change the um…well, what is it that you wanted to change when you hover over it?

Member: So, when you hover over query box I wanted the whole query box be a different color. And that the page disappears behind this color.

Rick: And this is not doing it right now with the background color of red?

Member: Yeah,  yeah because the image is before the color. So, color is kind of behind the image.

Rick: You want the image to go away then?

Member: I don’t know what do you mean?

Rick: You want the image to be covered up by the color when you hover over?

Member: Yeah, yeah, exactly exactly.

Rick: Okay, so you could  add another one here,

           .query_box:hover img {}

And then you could give it a transparency or what is that; opacity, that’s what it is. For example,

           .query_box:hover {
opacity: 0.5;

And now,

Member: Oh, cool.

Rick: The image just kind of, right the image becomes semi-transparent. You change it into 0.8,

Member: Alright.

Rick: Right?

Member: Yeah, yeah I see it. That was so simple for you.

Rick: Well, I’ve been doing it a long so.

Member: I know. Cool.

Rick: Okay.

Member: That’s really cool, yeah. I’ll play with this.

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