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How to Add a Link to the Home Page on the Menu

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In this session, a member is having a problem with his home menu tab; it’s not taking him to the correct page. We show how to add a link to the Home page in the WordPress menu using a custom link.

Video Transcript

Member: Somehow I’ve gotten the navigation messed up… the nav bar. If you go to, you come to the page that I guess I want to work from which is the blog page. But if you click the home button, it takes you to the homepage.

Rick: Well, it takes you to a page called home.

Member: It takes you to a page called home. So I don’t want it to do that. I want it to take you just to the root directory.

Rick: Okay and…

Member: So what have I done?

Rick: Well, what you’ve done is you’ve created a page called home and then you put that page called home in your menu. And all you have to do is… let’s see, what’s happening now… Okay, let’s click on that. There we go. And so all you have to do is… yeah, that’s exactly what it looks like. All you have to do is get rid of or take the page that’s called home out of your menu. So why don’t I make you the presenter and I can just look over your shoulder as you do this?

Member: Okay.

Rick: So make the presenter, you just have to accept that.

Member: Oh, I see. I’ve got 2 screens up so I want to make sure you see the right one.

Rick: Okay, I’m looking at the one that says tools.

Member: Yes, okay. Okay, where it says press this? I don’t know what that is. Okay so if I go to the menus…

Rick: Yeah, go to Appearance and Menus.

Member: It says its got a category there under home.

Rick: Yeah, just go ahead and drop that down and delete it. Okay then you could…

Member: Do I need to create a category called home?

Rick: No, no. You don’t want to create a category called home because that will just confuse the living daylights of everything. In fact, it sounds like you’ve got a category called home which is you know, potentially problematic. The thing to do is to create a custom link here. So you see where it says custom links?

Member: Here?

Rick: Yep.

Member: Yes.

Rick: So type in there the URL that you want to be the home which is just your straight URL and then type home in that label, add to menu, save the menu. There you go and then go refresh that page and you’ll see that you’ve… okay, go ahead and go to it. Go ahead and click on that button now, control F5.

Member: Oh, control F5.

Rick: Yeah. I want to refresh the screen here. I’m sorry, is this actually the menu that we… we’re looking at a menu here. Is this the menu that you were using?

Member: Yes.

Rick: Okay, click on that. No, it can’t be. Go ahead and click on your logo for a second. Okay, now go to calendar or any other page. It doesn’t really matter.

Member: Oh okay, right.

Rick: Now click on your home tab. Okay, that’s not the menu. We just changed the menu that’s not in use.

Member: Right. So why is it showing up again?

Rick: Because that’s not the… we changed the wrong menu.

Member: Oh okay.

Rick: That’s not the menu that is… or you didn’t save the menu.

Member: Oh, just a second… here we go. That’s the problem.

Rick: Okay, refresh it first.

Member: There we go, yeah. Okay, this is working correctly now.

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2 comments… add one
  • Keith Pares July 22, 2013, 11:34 am

    I did the exact same thing to my site…
    The awesome thing is it only took me a couple of minutes searching this site and a 5 minute video to quickly fix something I thought I had screwed up royally.

    Thank you Rick!