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How to Add a Vimeo Video to the Thesis Feature Box

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In this session we show how to add a Vimeo video to the Thesis feature box using the BYOB Thesis Simple Feature Box plugin. In order to show the video on top of the home page, we need to widgetize the feature box. We drag a text widget into the feature box and drop in the Vimeo code. The widget gives the ability to add padding and margin and define a size that will allow you to align the video.

Video Transcript

Member: My question number 2 is that I’ve got a video on Vimeo and I would like that video to be shown. And sorry for my daughter in the background.

Rick: That’s okay.

Member: I would like my video to show on top of the content that you see on the homepage.

Rick: Okay so right above all of this.

Member: Exactly, in the feature box.

Rick: Okay and so are you using my feature box plugin?

Member: No.

Rick: Well, that’s the easiest way to do it is simply to use the BYOB Thesis Feature Box plugin and then you would widgetize that feature box, put a text widget in there and drop in your Vimeo code.

Member: Okay so you’re saying that just download your feature box plugin?

Rick: Yeah. Use the Simple Feature Box plugin, not the feature box layout. So download the Simple Feature Box plugin, watch the videos on it because you know, there’s things you have to do. But once you’ve installed it and configured it properly, drag a text widget into the feature box and put your Vimeo code in there and it’ll work fine.

Member: And then put the Vimeo code and that’s it? And then will I be… if I decide to align the video left or right then I’ll be able to do it as well easily or…

Rick: Yes, the widget gives you the ability to not align but it will give you the ability to add padding and margin and define the size which essentially will allow you to align it.

Member: Okay, okay. So you’re saying that your widget’s called Simple Feature Box plugin.

Rick: Right.

Member: Okay and that one, I don’t have to go to the Facebook page? That’s where I’ll find..

Rick: That’s right. Yeah, it’s the top one right here, Thesis Simple Feature Box plugin. And there are plenty of videos on how to use it. It’s called the Simple Feature Box because it is pretty simple to use. But you’ll want to watch these videos just so that you can you know… you could just about say add a call to action Thesis feature box. You could just as easily add a video to the feature box because it’s the same process. You’re going to add a feature box in. You’re going to drag a text widget in. You’re going to put your code in. And then once you’ve done that then you’d do the styling of the feature box and that would get the way you want it to look.

Member: Excellent. I’ll try to do that. Perfect.

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