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How to Add Amazon aStore to Genesis

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In this session we show how to add Amazon aStore to Genesis but we do assume that you have an existing  pre-configured aStore. Watch this video, How to Configure and Add an Amazon Store to WordPress if you need to learn how to do that. Here we show to customize color, sidebars, widgets and how to use the full width layout.

Video Transcript

The next thing I’m going to talk about then is how to add the Amazon aStore to the Genesis page, similar to what you see here with James’ page. Now this starts off pre-supposing that you already have a pre-configured aStore in Amazon. If you don’t have that… if you don’t know what that is, if you don’t know how to configure that then I recommend what you do is view my other video about Amazon’s aStore. Let’s see, let’s search for that real quickly. It’s a live answer, How to Add an Amazon Store, here we go. So I did it reasonably recently but it’s this one here, How to Configure and Add An Amazon Store to WordPress. Now that is… this goes through the process of configuring an Amazon Store and how to se that up and all the rest of that stuff and I’m not going to repeat that here. But it goes on to show you how to edit to a Thesis page. And while it’s very similar, it’s not exactly the same. So what I’m doing next is demonstrating how to do the same thing and add it to a Genesis page.

So this is the… let’s see, we’ll go to aStore and we’ll look at the aStore I’m going to add which is this aStore here. And I’m going to go continue here and I actually do want to show the store header so we’re going to do that. And let’s see, what else did I want to do? I want to just make that page background color white actually… ffffff. Yeah so now we’ve got that thing changed and we’ll just continue. And in this case, I’m going to do a sidebar right and in terms of my body widgets, I’m not going to do either of these. Let’s see, I’m not going to do Amazon WishList. So I’m just going to put similar items, no accessories, no WishList, just similar items so it’s going to be the only section that shows up there. And I’m going to select finish and get the link. And using this embed, using an inline frame, just copy this and then come over to the Genesis site.

Now this is the site that I’m teaching the class in. So what we’ll do is just come over to… actually, we’re going to create a new page for this. Add a new page, call it “Rick’s Recommended Books” or “Rick’s Favorite WordPress Books”. Let’s see, let’s spell WordPress correctly. And then I’m just going to paste that iframe information right there. I’m going to paste the iframe information in the HTML view. Okay, I think I’m just going to make the height of this thing go… let’s make it 1000 pixels. Let’s see how that works. Width is 90%, okay so we hit publish and let’s just view the page.

Okay so here we are. I guess even 1000 pixels is not necessary but you can see it’s being cut off by the sidebar? And so… because of the way I had this configured, I really want this on a full width page. So what we’ll do is come down here to Layout Settings and select the full width layout and hit update. We’ll refresh this and there we go. Now I have the whole thing showing up here. And you know, if I wanted to make sure that this was the right color, I could… let’s just grab this color from my site. Okay so pick a color from the webpage, let’s pick that color and that is this. So copy that, come back over to my associates page. Let’s go back to previous and previous and change the background to that. Okay, there we go and now we can go ahead and go continue. And when I’ve done that, I think actually what will happen is that color will end up changing. There it is so now we’ve got the color that goes along with it.

And let’s bring this down to… let’s see, that’s probably another 300 pixels or so. So let’s… instead of 1000, let’s just make it 700 pixels tall. You know, they make these things so big because maybe there’s a random number of things that shows up. But you know, I’ve configured this to show a specific number so it doesn’t need to be huge. I only have 6 on there then we have our similar items, okay.

So that’s how that works.

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