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How to Add an Affiliate Banner to Your Website

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We go through the steps to add an affiliate banner to our site to show you how to set one up on your own site. After you register to be an affiliate and log in to your account, you choose the banner image for your site. Then we show you how to add the image using a text widget.

Video Transcript

Okay and then let’s look at how to sign… set up the… to add an affiliate banner, one of my affiliate banners in particular but this works for any affiliate banner… how to set… add an affiliate banner to your site.

If we…we’re going to pretty much do the same thing really. That is, go over to the… you need to go to the site in a browser that I’m not logged in on. So let’s do that here… byob website and then let’s see, oh you know what? I don’t mean to have a link here, do I, for that? So affiliate… okay and so then I can sign up for an affiliate account.

Okay let’s see, that would be… no, it’s not. My PayPal address… okay. Let’s see, check availability… okay. Password… oh my gosh. I don’t think I can read that stupid thing. Let’s see… s o u n d i n g s c i t e s s a t.

Okay so now, I’m an affiliate and if I log in… we should do a little styling problem I want to work on. Okay so now, I want to add a… let’s see. I want to add the… oh, ads. There we go. I want to add a banner and I’m going to add one of these larger banners so I’m going to add this banner so just copy that code.

And then we come back over to this website here and let’s add one more text widget. Add that one to the bottom, paste that code in the text widget, hit save. The best website on the net…okay, that’s what I think anyway. And then refresh it… that affiliate banner should be down here at the bottom. There it is. So that if somebody clicks over to it, it takes you… it takes them to the webpage and it also logs the id. And so then if a sale is made in the next 30 days or however long I have that set then I’m going to get 30% of it.

Okay so that wraps ups that question.

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