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How to Add an Affiliate Link to the WordPress Menu

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In this session we show how to add an affiliate link to the WordPress menu using the custom links. We create a new menu and add all the pages desired along with a custom link for the affiliate.

Video Transcript

Member: This is… if you remember I have 30 different websites out there that are sales reps that are selling these clothes.

Rick: Right.

Member: So this is Lisa. She’s one of them. So I’m using the WP Affiliate Plugin which I learned after having go through all their stuff and to create these banner ads and all this mess… because you don’t have to do that. You can see down here at the bottom. All you to have to do is just take the link and put a question mark id… _id equals the name of the affiliate. So the way we’re press affiliated, the way they described it in the marketing materials is you have to go create banners for people and put them in your account. So they come in and copy the code and do all that mess, right? But they don’t actually have to. I’ve tested this multiple times. I can take any text, any image and just link to it and put in that little question mark, ap_id equals the name and it works great.

Rick: Yeah.

Member: They’re all asking for is when they’re here, it’s adding in a step where they go… okay, every one of them has a Shopp Antomie. They’re on site and this is going to… we want to take them to my site. But the only way I know how to do this is to put this image here to click on which adds an extra click to get to the shop.

Rick: No, no. You don’t have to do that.

Member: So how do I change the navigation of this thing to equal that URL?

Rick: Okay go right click on that URL. No, no, right click on the functional… the URL of the image there.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Right click on it and say copy… let’s see, copy link address. Okay now go into the back side of that site there.

Member: Okay. I knew that I had no idea where to get it. It’s just… I have no idea how to get it.

Rick: Yeah, you’re just going to… you’re just using the… it’s the WordPress menu.

Member: Okay, go to that page or something?

Rick: No. go down to Appearance and Menus.

Member: I’m not using a menu. I’m just… all I’ve done…

Rick: Okay well, what is creating that menu?

Member: It’s just by creating pages and then you know, I’ve just told it where I go you know, the order or whether it’s a parent or a child.

Rick: Oh because you’re using an old theme that doesn’t…

Member: I’m using this color… it’s not that old. The number… it was one of the top recmmnded ones by WordPress 2 months ago.

Rick: Well, okay then let’s use its… let’s create the menus. Go back to Appearance and Menus and create a new menu. Just say main menu or new menu or whatever.

Member: Right here?

Rick: You got to create… enter name first. Okay so your theme location is main menu. Go up there and select the… see where it says theme locations? Go select main menu or main. Hit save. Okay now, under custom links there, paste that URL that we just copied.

Member: I’ve never done this.

Rick: Okay now see label? Say Shop Anatomie or whatever you wanted that menu item to say. Add to menu. Now you need to add whatever other pages you want added to the menu as well. So under that pages thing there, you would select the…

Member: All of these?

Rick: Well, not all of them. You don’t want Shop Anatomie because you’re not using that one anymore. You only created that one because you wanted to make a link. So go ahead and hit add to menu. Okay, now rearrange them the way you want them.

Member: Okay, let’s see. Just like that?

Rick: Okay but which one of these are supposed to be submenus? Or were there any submenus?

Member: There weren’t any on this website. So you answered my question. You just taught me how to create a custom link. I didn’t know how to do that.

Rick: Now you’re missing the home link though. So you should go select view all for a second.

Member: Okay, I could be wrong but in this template, it never shows the home page. It’s driven by the template or something. I mean, it’s no on any of the menus.

Rick: But still, select home there and add to menu.

Member: Okay.

Rick: And okay, now hit save menu. Now go look at your site.

Member: Where do I do this?

Rick: Okay, we have to…

Member: I know how to clean that up.

Rick: Okay so now go to Shop Anatomie.

Member: That’s way easier. Thank you.

Rick: Yeah. So the reason why you saw all those pages there as menu items is because in the absence of having created a menu, what that theme does is what WordPress used to do which is add all the pages.

Member: Okay.

Rick: So that’s why you created all those pages and got those menu items. But the way… and then you had specify its menu order. But with the WordPress 3.0 came this WordPress menu system and this is how you should really be doing it. And that gives you the ability to put their id in each one of those things and there you go.

Member: That’s awesome, man. Thank you so much.

Rick: You’re welcome. Anything else?

Member: No, I’ll let you go.

Rick: Okay. Well, you have a great evening.

Member: You too. Take care.

Rick: Okay, good night.

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