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How to Add an Amazon Affiliate Link to a Genesis Page

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In this session we show how to add an Amazon affiliate link to a Genesis page and how to use a smart link. We demonstrate where to put these links when we want the products to show on every page and if we only want them to show on specific pages.

Video Transcript

Now I’m going to show you how to create a text link for a book as well. So let’s say we go over to About Us and let’s just add… let’s edit the page and down here, let’s get a text link for one of our favorite books.

So let’s come back over here to links and banners and I want to get a product link. So I’m going to add a product link. I need to search for the books for let’s see, WordPress. Okay so Professional WordPress. I’m going to get that link and what I want is a text only link. So I will just copy that link, come back over to my Edit a Page. I’m going to say, “One of my favorite books is…” and then paste that link information. And then you can see there’s the Professional WordPress blah blah blah, right? If we hit update, let’s view that page. Now we need to make a couple of little changes. But also, here it is. One of my favorite books is Professional WordPress. And if you click on this, it takes you right to the page here.

But you know, it could be that what you really want to do is have a smart link here. So when somebody hovers over this, the first thing they do is they see a summary. Now in Genesis, each of these individual Genesis pages has a place where you can put the code that will make that possible.

So if we come back over to our Amazon thing here and say add the product review script, this essentially makes this thing a lot smarter so you can see what happens when you hover over the link. Now you’ve got all the stuff here that pops up on the page. In order for that to work, what you have to do is… let’s see, highlight the HTML, copy it and come back to the thing here. So then what we’ll do is we’ll just scroll down to the bottom of the text here and inside the HTML view, paste the script. If we hit update, now that script is not going to show up on the page itself but it will make this link a smart link. So you can see that the script we pasted doesn’t show u phere but then we come over here and hover, now we’ve got our nice, little box here. And you know, you can click on that Buy Now button and it takes you over to that or people can click on the Reviews button to see what the different reviews are. And so anyway, it’s a nice little function if you are an affiliate and yo uwant to add tha tkind of stuff.

And so James asks whether or not you can have multiple links like this. Well, let’s just… let’s go ahead and test it. So now let’s go to our Product links and let’s look for WordPress again. WordPress plugin this time. We’ll grab the companion to that, the Professional WordPress Plugin Development. We’ll go ahead and get that link and we want the text only. And so copy that, go to our page, put a period there. “The best plugin development book I’ve seen to date is…” paste that. Once you’ve got that code down there at the bottom then this whole thing just works just fine.

Now if you have this on every page on your site, you might consider… let’s see, theme settings. If you have it on every page on your site, you might put it down here in the footer instead because that’s the other thing you could do. Let’s just cut this out for a moment. This is sort of assuming this is a one off deal. But if it’s not a one off deal… let’s refresh this… and these links aren’t going to behave that way anymore because that code doesn’t exist anymore. What you can do then is come over here to the Genesis theme settings and scroll down to the bottom and paste this in the footer scripts. And now this is going to show up on every single page, I mean, this piece of script will be there. But it will mean that every time you insert one of those Amazon links that the Amazon link will work that way. So here it is and it pops up.

So you can do it either of those 2 ways. If you really only have links like this on a couple of pages then it probably makes the most sense to add that script into the content. But if you’ve got a bunch of these links on your site then it’s probably easier to maintain then to simply put that in the footer scripts so that it shows up on every page automatically.

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