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How to Add an Audio Link when the Audio File is Too Large for the Media Library

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In this session, we show how to add an audio link when the audio file is too large to upload using Media Library. First we upload the audio file using an FTP and then place the URL in the post.

Video Transcript

Now let’s look at how to add audio that is too large to be added using the media library because that’s really what we have here. And the trick to this is finding a place to put that audio.

And so if I’m looking at the site right now, this is the site’s… this is wp content for the site and I’ve got plugins, themes, upgrade, and uploads. I think under uploads, I’m going to add a new folder here called audio. So I’m going to create a directory called audio then I’m going to upload that blank directory to the site. Then I’m going to… let’s see, go back to… let’s see, Marty. I think this is where I’ve got my… oh it was in downloads, wasn’t it? That’s where I had that. And under file type, we’re looking for mp3 so Start Where You Are to Get to Where You Want to Go. And I’m just going to drag this… I can’t see where I’m dragging it like this. I’m just going to drag this into the audio directory, open the audio directory. Let’s see, refresh it. Oh, I’m still waiting for the file to come up because it’s so big. Okay, we’ll give it a second while it’s uploading there.

This is very similar to what we did when we’re uploading videos for FV WordPress Flow Player. We used that free WordPress Flow Player on this site as well. And so we have this videos folder where we have all of our videos loaded. So you can see all of our videos are here and then this is the folder that we referred to in FV WordPress Flow Player. What we’re going to do is essentially the same thing except we put it inside of uploads for our audio. And now we have our audio there.

Another thing is to copy this name… actually, so what we’ll do is we’ll go back over to the page here and so we’ve got our href which has the wrong location, right? So we’ve got WP content uploads. Now what we’re going to do is change out that date to audio and then change the name of the file to the file that we want and hit update, refresh this, click on it.

“Hello there. Marty Ward here.”

And now we have Marty’s audio. Okay so that’s how you add an audio to your site whether you’re using your media library or whether it’s too large to add to media library and then how to style an audio link.

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