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How to Add an External Link to the Thesis Navigation Menu

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This member asks how to add a link to another website to her menu. We use the Thesis 301 Redirect feature to create a page and a menu link that then links off to another site.

Video Transcript

So then you asked the question, “Can a page title just link?” I don’t know what that means.

Well, what I mean by that is… let me go and look at my site. Okay, if you’re looking at the tabs across any site, instead of having a tab go out to a new page, can that tab just be a hyperlink?

To what?

To another one of my sites.

Oh sure, of course. Yeah, it depends on what tool you’re using here to create your nav menu but for example, right here, I’m using the Thesis nav menu. And so, let’s see… wp-admin…

I know these sounds like these are beginner questions…

No, beginner question is fine. There’s nothing wrong with a beginner… most people in the site are beginners and lots of people are intimidated by the questions that get asked and answered in the Wednesday session which is why I started a Thursday session. So beginner questions are just fine. I talked to a member this last week and I said, “Gosh, I haven’t seen you around on Wednesdays.” And she said, “Oh, everybody’s always talking over my head.” So you know, that’s not really the intention. I mean, I’ll take on any question no matter how complicated it is but that shouldn’t suggest to anybody that beginner questions are inappropriate here because they are. So in this case, I am using the Thesis nav menu so we go to Site Options. I have a couple of choices. I could create a link and I’m not going to even show that choice. What I’m going to do is I’m going to show this choice here. I’m going to add squeeze page to me… oh no, I’m not going to do that, forget that. I’m going to create a new page. I’m going to use the Thesis 301 redirect system and I’m going to add a new page and I’m going to call it Go to byobwebsite and I’m going to scroll down to this section of SEO details and additional style, it’s a Thesis box. And under here and the 301 redirect for this page’s URL, I am going to enter Okay so there’s the page I want it to go to and say Publish. And I’ll come back over here to Site Options and pages and now, that’s there. I can just… I don’t even have to change the name. I can just drag it up here, hit save, go back to the site and now I’ve got this go to byobwebsite sitting there. If I click on it, it’ll take me to byobwebsite.


So that’s one way to do it and it’s a way that gives you a lot of control over where it sits in the list. There is another way to do it by using links and I do have videos in the site that talk about how to add links to this Thesis nav bar. But for one off thing like that, this is really the easiest way to do that.

Okay well thank you.


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