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How to Add an RSS Feed Link to a Website

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We show how to set up an RSS Feed Link on your site so that followers of your site can be alerted when new material has been added. You begin by setting up a feed burner account with your gmail account. After completing the FeedBurner information, the link that you need that allow for subscription to your feed is given. There is a WordPress plugin that you can add to help with FeedBurner but it’s not really necessary. We follow FeedBurner’s directions on Publicizing your Feed with a graphic to add the feed to our site and with an email subscription.

Video Transcript

Okay so by adding RSS registration, I guess I assumed what you mean is something similar to what I have on the site here which is you know, subscribe to our feed. Is that what you mean?

Yes. Some people were asking how do they subscribe and not familiar enough with the RSS feed to set it up to automatically let them know that I have new material on my page.

Right. Okay so that’s actually fairly easy. So we’re going to jump right into that first and then we’ll look at how to add that affiliate banner to the page.

So okay, the first thing to do is to set up a Feed Burner account. So I know you have a… let’s see, I know that you have a Gmail account and that’s really what you need in order to start this. Where is my Gmail? Here it is, okay.

So I have this Gmail account that I created for showing how to set up Google Analytics and Web Developer. We’re going to also use it to show how to set up the RSS feed. And so, I’m here at my Gmail account. I’m just going to go over to account settings and actually, it’s not really going to be account settings, my mistake. There’s no Feed Burner here in Account Settings so we’re just going to go to And so, looking for feeds, you have used at Feed Burner so we’re going to… actually, what we’re going to do is burn the feed right this instant. And so, we’re going to start that off by saying the… putting the address of the webpage in here and this is Thesis in this case. And then select next and then it identifies 2 feeds. I’m not quite sure why that is the case but I’m going to go ahead and take the Thesis rather than the Thesis So I’ll select the first one.Okay we’re just going to leave the title as Thesis eStore and we’ll let this be the feed address. So we’ll just say next.

Okay and so, now what we have here is this thing that says “Subscribe to your feed and share it with others” and this is the link to that… people will use to subscribe. That says “You’ve completed step 1 of step 2.” It suggests that we can add a couple of other things here. We’re just going to go next here real quickly and you know, I don’t really care at the moment about click this or any of those things so we’ll just go one more time. And then there is a little plugin that you could use to add the feed burner widget essentially. But you know, it’s not really necessary. One of the things you could just as easily do is go to Publicize here and let’s see, publicize your feed. Encourage people to subscribe to your feed by posting a friendly graphic in an easy to find location. So if we do that and we just select this, what we’re going to get is… oh, here it is right here. We have this little bit of HTML now and if we just copy this little bit of HTML here… copy that and then come back over to the site that we want this in. So let’s just put this in for the moment, www.thesisestore…/-admin and then go over to Parents and Widgets and let’s just grab another text widget here. Let’s just take it all the way up to there and if we paste that right there, so now this is the code that we just picked up from that and hit save. And then if we go look at it, I think it’s going to be sitting right at the top, right there… subscribe in a reader. And if you click that, up pops this subscription form.

So it’s actually quite easy to add that subscription to it and you could… instead of having simply that, you could pick a smaller version or you could choose one of these other customized versions. So you know, you could add this page to your Google homepage if you wanted or you could you know, use the powered by Feed Burner or I love Feed Burner. It doesn’t matter. Any one of these items is going to produce the correct HTML for you to put in that subscribe… or put in the text widget to create that subscribe appearance. Let’s go back over here for a second…to create the subscribe button. That’s all it’s going to take.

So it’s actually quite simple to do the Feed Burner thing and in fact, if you wanted to add an email subscription, really, it’s in Feed Burner that that… Feed Burner makes that possible. So for example, email subscriptions… first off, you have to activate it and then once you’ve activated it, you can simply grab that code, go back over here to the page or back to your text widget really. And… oh no, that’s the wrong one. Maybe we put it up here? No. I must have put it at the bottom. Where did I put that silly thing? Maybe I need to refresh it. Somehow it… there we go. That’s where it went. And then you could actually just put it below that, save, open the link in a new tab and look at it. And now you have this little subscribe feature that you can also style.

So there’s a you know, there are a couple of different ways to add this and that’s what they were looking for when they asked you that question.

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