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How to Add External Links to the Sidebar

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A member asks how he can add a set of links with sub links in a widget to his sidebar. We accomplish this by creating a link category and then creating a group of links. There is no feature that creates sub links as there is for sub categories so instead we use groups of links.

Video Transcript

I’ll just go ahead and mute that anyway. So he asked, “How to add a category on a widget with subcategories below and then they link to another website?” Well, you wouldn’t think about that as a category then. You would think about that as a set of links and so, for example, let’s just go over here to the blog and we’ll add a set of links like that to this.

If we come over here and we go to links and say… you want to start off by creating a link category in this case. We can’t actually have sublinks like you can have subcategories. So instead, what you would do would be to just create a group of links. I mean, it’ll look like categories because you could… well, let’s just say that one of those categories is off-site category… actually, let’s just create a new one, link categories and let’s call this one, favorite sites or Rick’s sites. And we’ll just save that link category. Did it happen? Oh yeah, it did happen.

Okay and then we’re just going to add new link and we’ll add byob website and the web address is you know, the web address. And we add that link and then we could do Thesis CSS and then that would be Add that link and then we could add How to Create a Membership Website and that is Add that link and we’ll add one more link and that would be, let’s see, How to Create an eCommerce Website and again the web address would be and add that link.

So now, I’ve added a group of links. Oh actually, you know what? I didn’t… I failed here to properly set what category they needed to go in. And so, if we edit Thesis CSS, it needs to go on Rick’s sites. That was a mistake on my part. Update link and then My Favorite Sites doesn’t matter. How to Add an eCommerce Website, that needs to go to Rick’s site. I could’ve done this properly in the first place. And then How to Create a Membership Website, update.And then I also have the wrong URL here anyway. Oh no, it’s okay, Rick’s sites.

And then once I have this in place, I can just go over to widgets and go to my…. You know, just drag this over to sidebar 1 which is my Links. Where is My Links widget, it’s right here. And I’m going to just show Rick’s sites. I don’t have a link image. I won’t bother with that so I’m just going to show link name but you could have an image and a description if you wanted. And we will just refresh this.

And so, there is a list of Rick’s sites that you can put in your… and so then if you want one for each…if you have a variety of categories, you just add another link group like that. That’s the way you would have a list of links that will link off-site.

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