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How to Add Google Analytics Tracking Code to Genesis

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In this session, we take a look at a member’s Google Analytics and WebMaster Tools to see why it’s not working and then we show how to set up Google Analytics properly for a site and add the tracking code to Genesis.

Video Transcript

Member: Well, I knew something was wrong because I get leads everyday, the site’s working fine but then when I went in to look at my sitemap, I was like, “Woah, it doesn’t look like there’s any traffic here.” But I know there’s traffic.

Rick: Well, when you say you went in to look at your site map, what does that mean?

Member: It means that I was setting up another site and so I was looking at your thing about Google Analytics. And so I ended up and thought, “I’ll look at my Analytics.” So I was looking at the Analytics thing and I can’t remember what I saw, Rick.

Rick: Well, it could be that your Analytics isn’t set up correctly though. It doesn’t have… it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your site map. What about Google Webmaster Tools? Does Google Webmaster Tools show your sitemap?

Member: I think so.

Rick: Well, why don’t you log in to your Webmaster Tools account and let’s see.

Member: Alright. So I go to… I don’t go there a lot, I have to say.

Rick: Not Analytics. We want Webmaster Tools.

Member: Google…

Rick: Okay, well you’re in your Webmaster Tools right now and neither of those two… that site’s not even listed in here yet.

Member: Well, that’s odd. What the heck was I looking at?

Rick: I don’t know but you definitely need to connect your site up to Webmaster Tools. Let’s go back now to Analytics and see if your site’s connected to Analytics. So you can probably just select Analytics over there on the left, high… up high.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Okay, access Analytics then.

Member: You did say this was a beginner’s question.

Rick: Yeah, it is. So select Rockland County Real Estate.

Member: Yeah, this is where I select. Okay.

Rick: Just have to click on it now, open it up down below.

Member: See? And I’m like, “What?”

Rick: So obviously, what this means is that you don’t have this properly set up.

Member: Right. You know what? I bet you I did this before I met you. This is why we need you.

Rick: So let’s go back to your website here for just a second. Let’s look at your dashboard because I’m going to show you, under Genesis, go up to Genesis and go to theme settings. Really, it’s all the way down at the bottom. Right there under Header and Footer Scripts, you’re going to put the Google Analytics tracking code right there in the header scripts. To get the tracking code, click on the admin which is there on the right, in the orange. Tracking code and then let’s see, you’ll be tracking a single domain, yeah. So copy that…

Member: And stick it in the header?

Rick: Paste it there, save the settings. Now I’m going to go look at Rockland County Real Estate for just a second and see whether or not… in fact, I’m going to make myself the presenter. Rockland County Real Estate and I’m going to view the page source and let’s try that again because it’s not showing up there yet.

Member: Don’t we have to hit that little enable thing though?

Rick: What little enable thing?

Member: When we were back in my dashboard and we were in the XML…

Rick: No, here it is. This is your tracking script now here. It wasn’t there the last time I looked. So your tracking script is now here and I’m just going to search for this to see if there’s any potential conflicting stuff. No, that only exists one time so you’ve got the tracking script in here only once and you know, tomorrow or the next day, you’ll start seeing information there. Now that you’ve got tracking script set up, you can go ahead and claim ownership of the site in Webmaster Tools following those videos and then add the site map. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to configure the rest of it.

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