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How to Add Google+ to Thesis 2 with a Text Widget

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In this session we show how to add Google+ to Thesis 2 with a text widget. We discuss the different options to choose from and demonstrate how to copy the code and place it inside a text widget. We also talk about other social sharing buttons and how to configure them to look the way we want.

Video Transcript

Okay, can I show how to add the social media with the code from the sites I mentioned? Yeah although I’m going to have to prepare that.

You know, if you go to… for example, if you go to Google + widgets, they’ve got a little thing here where you can specify what you want a thing to look like. So okay, you put it in line and it’s got this thing in here or you pick bubble and it’s got that. Or you pick none and it’s just going  to have this and then you can pick your language. And once you’re done with that, you just take this piece of code, copy it and put it inside of a text widget. So it’s quite straightforward. And if you just want to use a really simple one, a real simple +1 button, you just take this and copy it and put it in a text widget.

Now saying all of this just to say that very soon, DIY Themes is going to have theirs out and published, I presume and it will be a very efficient way for you to add social sharing buttons to your site using their stuff. But in the mean time you know, Google + has this, Pinterest has it, Twitter has it, Facebook has it. They all have these kinds of you know, you just configure what the button should look like. And once you’ve configured that kind of stuff, it just gives you the code here. And all you have to do is take that code and place it in a text widget and it will work. But I will prepare some lessons on doing that though.

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