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How to Add Product Categories to the Menu and the Sidebar in Shopp

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In this session, we show how to add product categories to the menu and sidebar in Shopp. For the menu we go to Appearance and then add pages and product categories to a menu. For the sidebar, we show how to use a category widget to achieve the desired result.

Video Transcript

It is possible to have a nav menu on every page that relates back to my Shopp products as far as the category…

Another menu, you mean? A second menu?

I don’t have a menu now so I was hoping this would be the menu.

Of course it’s possible. I mean, the way you do that, this is a… okay so here’s a Shopp, this is my sample Shopp page and if you go to the dashboard and go down to menus, let’s see, Appearance and Menus. We’re just going to create a menu because I don’t have one here. I think you probably have one created but we’ll call this main menu. And then we’ll put the homepage on. We’ll put the blog page on then in terms of categories, we’ll put Shoes and Tennis. Add that stuff to the menu… okay, shoes. I forgot to add that to the menu. So put home at the top, blog at the bottom and save that menu, assign it to the primary menu location and it should be good to go. So there’s the menu and if you click on Shoes, it takes you the shoes page. If you click on Tennis, it takes you to the tennis page. If you click on Blog, it takes you to the blog.

Okay. Now that’s up at the top. How do I get it over on the sidebar?

Oh, I thought you said you wanted a menu.

Well, I did. I’m using the wrong terminology. What do you call it over on the sidebar?

Well, this is a category widget so on the sidebar…

I mean, I’d like to have what you have at the top over on the side. What would you call that?

Yeah, that’s the Product Category widget. And so under Appearance and Widgets, it’s Shopp Categories. So there’s this Shopp Categories widget right there and it gives you a list or a drop down of store categories. I named it Shopp Categories. I mean, we could just say catalog categories, just for grins. And at the moment, I’m just leaving nothing checked and hit save.

Okay and at that point right there Rick, if I have the Dynamic Widget installed, will it be applicable there where I can choose where it shows up?

Well, do you want it to show up everywhere? Do you want it to only show up on specific pages?

Right now, I would say everywhere but as the site…

Then you want to make it static.

Static for now.


Okay but if the Dynamic widget is installed, I would have that option there, right?


Okay, gotcha.

And then you have catalog categories here, right?

And that will show up even on the blog?

Well, here I am on the blog, catalog categories.

Alright, yeah. That’s what I need, yeah.

Okay so this is not a menu. This is a product category widget and it lists every product category you have and you can mix and match, you can have it as a drop down. You can have it hierarchical. You could add you know, best-selling things like that to it as well. But…

Okay. But you don’t refer to that as a menu then.

No. This is a menu. That is a widget.

Widget, okay. Alright, that answers my question, Rick. Thank you.

You’re welcome. Have a good day.

You too.

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