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How to Add Shopp Products to Your Sitemap

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In this session we show how to add Shopp products to your sitemap by changing XML Sitemap Generator settings. We rebuild the sitemap manually after including custom post type products.

Video Transcript

Member:  Do I have to go back to the sitemap and say, create a new one?

Rick:  No, I don’t think you do. But let’s take a look at your sitemap. Go ahead and open up your browser and type in sitemap.xml next to your site name and then /sitemap.xml.

Member:  Well, I think I learned this before. I have to do this http with the s. I learned that yesterday, I think. There you go. I guess it can’t find it. Is that the same problem? How do I do sitemap without that s in there like we just did. It sat there yesterday and does that. It doesn’t pull up anything so there’s no sitemap for Anatomie Wear without the https.

Rick:  Right. Well, scroll down. Let’s just see… I mean, obviously, you’ve got the homepage at the top, right?

Member:  Yes. Well, what are we looking for?

Rick:  I don’t know, go ahead and click on categories/tops for a second. Let’s go back up in there and grab one of those categories. Okay, one of the things you don’t have currently is you don’t have any products being indexed. If we go back and look at your… I mean, I don’t know how many products you’ve got on there.

Member:  Well, that’s the second part of the… okay, how do I do that? I mean, I have 150 products.

Rick:  Okay and none of them are in your sitemap right now.

Member:  Okay, that’s a big problem.

Rick:  So there is a plugin that will marry Google XML Sitemaps to Shopp.

Member:  Okay.

Rick:  And I’m going to switch presenters here for just a moment.

Member:  So the fact that none of my products show up here, is that common? Did I do something wrong or…

Rick:  No. You didn’t do anything wrong. The trick is that… well, let’s go look at your Shopp… let’s look at your XML Sitemap Generator settings again. Yeah, let’s scroll all the way down there to the bottom again and… let’s see, okay go ahead and… see, back up. See where it said custom post types? So go back up a little bit higher and you see where it says custom post types? Include the custom post type products.

Member:  Was that in your video?

Rick:  No because my video wasn’t on Shopp. Go ahead and hit update and let’s see if the manual update thing… let’s see, so rebuild the sitemap manually. Now let’s see if that fixes it. If that doesn’t fix it… I mean, Google XML Sitemaps is notorious. It’s an excellent plugin for people with normal sites to use. But it’s notoriously awkward or bad or problematic for sites with custom post types and custom taxonomies. So now that we’ve done this, let’s go back and look at the sitemap again.

Member:  This one?

Rick:  Yeah, refresh it. See if it’s changed any. Is it waiting to reload or is it reloaded?

Member:  I don’t know what it’s doing. There’s a bunch of products in there now. That’s nice.

Rick:  Okay.

Member:  I spent 4 weeks building it. I want them to show up someday.

Rick:  Right. Okay so now you have URLs or now you’ve got your products listed in there.

Member:  Okay.

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