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How to Add the DIYThemes Social Networking Boxes to the Bottom of a Post

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In this session we show how to add the DIYThemes social networking boxes to the bottom of a post on the single template in Thesis where we add the Facebook and Google+ boxes on the bottom of a post as examples.

Video Transcript

Member:  Hi, can you hear me, Rick?

Rick:  I can, yes.

Member:  Oh great, amazing. I did it right this time.

Rick:  There you go.

Member:  Yeah, I had a question about using the social buttons that I downloaded from DIY Themes. And I watched your presentation on that and I had a problem fitting it into the Agility template that I’ve been using. On the blog page, we’ve got the blog with the Read More button and I really like the social icons to appear after you click the Read More button at the bottom of the post somewhere. And I just wasn’t able to figure out how to put them there.

Rick:  And when you mean after, you mean actually have it below the button, the Read More button? Or do you mean…

Member:  Yeah, have it on the page that Read More links to.

Rick:  Okay so you would just do that on your single template.

Member:  On the single page?

Rick:  On the single template. Not the single page but the single template.

Member:  Oh, the single template in Thesis, okay.

Rick:  Yes so for example, here I am in Agility, right? And let’s see, let’s go to a single template or a single post. Okay, here it is. So if I’m going to edit the single post template… actually you know, I don’t think I have those blocks installed here so let me just switch back for just a second and see. Okay so I’ll put on Facebook and Google +. Okay, save those boxes and then come back over to my Skin Editor and to the single template. And then open up content area, content area page, two column content and then main content column

And so here’s our single post box and below that is post navigation. If we go back over to our… here’s our single post box. This is the post navigation.

Member:  Right.

Rick:  So you want it in between those?

Member:  It could be in between or it could be next to, just after or underneath. Any of those areas.

Rick:  You’re going to want it before because once you are at a different post, you’ve got… this is essentially the previous post and the next post.

Member:  Right.

Rick:  So the site’s not going to work well. I would just put it before at that point.

Member:  Okay. Alright, that sounds fine.

Rick:  And so then that looks like this.

Member:  In the main content, in the WP loop…

Rick:  Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a WP loop. Let’s see, Facebook Like button, drag it over here to the main content column and drag it down. And then same thing is true with the Google +. Let’s just see what that looks like. There you go.

Member:  Oh, alright.

Rick:  So that’s how you put it on the bottom of a post. This isn’t going to show up anywhere else. If you go back to the blog page, it’s not showing up there. And if you go to a regular page, it’s not showing up there. And let’s see…

Member:  I just thought it looked a little cluttered when it’s showing up on the blog page. So I thought…

Rick:  Sure.

Member:  It might be better to put it on the other page.

Rick:  Sure, absolutely.

Member:  That’s what I needed to know, yeah.

Rick:  Okay.

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