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How to Add Webinar Registration Links to a Page

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This member asked how I add the Webinar Registration Links to my pages. I demonstrate the WordPress text editor’s link tool.

Video Transcript

In terms of… you had a 2nd question that seemed to me like was how do I put these sign up links to the webinar in this? And these are just links inside of a page. This page right here is just a regular page that I put text in. I mean, it actually is a custom template that I’ve created that does a bunch of different stuff besides just put text in. But these just happen to be text links.

So if you go back to my page, we’d go to Pages and we scroll down to my dashboard page and edit it. you can see that… oh, isn’t that interesting? A bunch in this line is HTML tags in my page.. you know, these are these 2 links here, just link 1 and link 2. So it’s very simple you know, WordPress editing.

Okay well, so that wraps up this afternoon or this morning’s session. This evening, we will be answering other questions that may arise and we’ll be taking on the case study some more and hope everybody found this to be useful and we’ll just talk to you all later. Thanks a lot, bye bye.

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