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How to Align Images with Text without Using CSS

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In this session, we show how to align images with text in the WordPress Text Editor without using CSS. You can do this by adding vertical space in the advanced settings of edit image on your WordPress Text editor.

Video Transcript

Member: Yes I have…in fact I watched yesterday. I’ve watch several times how to align images with the text to the right? And actually I have to work around to do that, because my text won’t be longer or vertically longer than the image. So I don’t have to worry about that, was that CSS or whatever because if you want it to line up and the text go pass around the images, you know what I’m saying?

Rick: Yep.

Member: Ok, so I think I have a solution with that problem. Ok the next one is…

Rick: Ok the short answer to that though is to add bottom margin to that image.

Member: Right. You mean the bottom padding? Or to bottom…

Rick: Add bottom margin to the image. And I’ll just show you an example, because I just…I’m getting ready to teach this new class on how to set up a professional services website using Thesis. And I just finished building the demonstration site for that class. And I use exactly this technique that I’m going to be teaching in the class but I’ll show it to you. So it’s And let’s see, let’s just go to one of these pages. So, in an instance like this where you have an image and you have the text that can go down below the image and you don’t want it to jump under.

Member: Right

Rick: In that instance what you do is when you insert this image, you give it some bottom margin and I’ll show how to do that directly inside the editor. So if you’re right here inside the editor and you select edit image and go to the advance settings there’s this thing here called Vertical Space.

Member: Ok, can I stop this for a second?

Rick: Sure

Member: This is actually one of my questions in the image, how did you get to this Advance Settings? I just missed that.

Rick: Ok

Member: Because when I right click the image. I get the same…the whole red line but how can I get there from there?

Rick: Ok, I actually left click the image. And there’s an up box two little things, either delete or the edit image.

Member: Oh ok, so you go there?

Rick: Select edit image and edit image gives you two different settings, two different set of settings. This vertical space or what’s really bottom margin or bottom and top margin is under advance settings.

Member: That’s what I was looking for. Ok, so did you left click the smaller image?

Rick: No… Yes I did.

Member: I was right clicking it. And when I saw that X that red X up, thought I was like I walk. Ok. Great.

Rick: Yeah, the other thing is that, I do have a large series of videos on editing and using images in WordPress that is still very current. So you want still want to look at that, because it talks about…this is what we’re doing right now is called inline editing. But you can do inline editing but you can also do a regular editing inside the media library. And so understanding how those tools work together is important in order to be able to do this kind of stuff.

Member: And where are those videos? They’re not in the advance videos section aren’t there?

Rick: No, they don’t require any code so they in the Beginner’s Section. But you know… WordPress Images.

Member: Ok, I could search that.

Rick: Oh, I’m just going t find it for you. Show you this series it’s not a short series.

Member: This is what I’m looking for right here.

Rick: Yeah. Right there, add images to WordPress poster page part 1, I think.

Member: Ok, I can look at that.

Rick: Ok, so there’s… oh no that’s not what I want. How to Use the WordPress Image Editor, I think that’s going to work… Ok there you go, that solved it. So anyway there is whole series, 10 part series on how to add, you know, use the image editor, how to scale, rotate, flip, crop, inline editing all that kind of stuff.

Member: Ok, great. That’s what I was looking for. Ok.

Rick: Ok.

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