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How to Center the Title on Pages Only in Thesis

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In this session we talk about two different ways to center the title on Pages only in Thesis. We discuss the automated way of doing it by adding a custom body class to every page and then creating a custom class that centers the page for that body class. Then we show how to center a page the non-automated which is to edit a page, add a custom class in the CSS Class area in SEO Details and then create custom CSS to center that body class.

Video Transcript

And then would you do something like that if is page then center the title? Would you do something similar to that?

Well, if you wanted to automate it then you would do 2 things. One of them is to add a custom body class to every page and then you would create a custom class that centers the page for that body class. However, an alternative to that is… let’s see. Gosh, I thought I had this open. I guess not, okay. This is the site w’ere going to be working on here in just a minute. And if you wanted, say on your pages, to have the text or the title centered, what you would do in the non-automated way would be come down and add a custom class. So let’s just say the custom class is center title. Okay, so there’s the custom class that you’ve referenced.

So this particular page, Rick? Or is it all pages?

No, it’s referenced to this particular page that’s why it’s not automatic.

Okay, I got you.

And if you hit update then…

Okay then you could style that.

Yeah. So then you can add a style in CSS.

I can do that.

Well, for the guys that are going to come along and watch this next, I want to just demonstrate it though.

Alright, alright. I just wanted to help you with your time.

So now, you can see that we have the custom body classes now has center title in it, right? So what you would do then in this case is you would say, custom .headline area… oh pardon me actually, what you’ll really do is… let’s just do this. custom CSS, we’ll just do this up here at the top. .custom .centertitle. Note that there is no space here between custom and center title because the .custom and the centertitle are both custom body classes so it’s .custom .centertitle. And then you want headline area. Now you do want a space. Headline area and then h1 and then text align center.

Why do you have to say the h1 part?

Well, that’s what you’re wanting to center.

You can’t just put headline area because tht’s the name of the class?

You could.

Oh okay.

Yeah but if you put something else in the headline area and you didn’t want it centered, if there’s some post meta in there or if you had a post image or whatever else might go in headline area is going to get centered. If you everything in headline area centered, yes, that’s what you’d do.

Okay, great. I understand.


Great. That one’s good.


That’s very helpful.


Thank you very much, Rick.

You bet. Have a good day.

Thank you.

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