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How to Change the Default Colors in Agility

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In this session we show how to change the default colors in Agility by changing the variables. We explain the purpose of variables which is to set the colors so that it changes everything on the site.

Video Transcript

Rick:  The easiest way to do this is to change the variables down here rather than say changing the menu and that kind of stuff.

Member:  Yeah when I tried to change the variables, I didn’t understand what the numbers… that those color codes were.

Rick:  Sure. But now that you know your colors, you can…

Member:  Yeah, I know my colors by the numbers.

Rick:  Sure.

Member:  Sure. So I did, I started changing those… that’s when I think I screwed everything up because the fonts are all different. And then there’s that part with Thesis that talks about in the beginning, the Skin Editor where you have Agility Nude where you could drop it down and you could put all those things in.

Rick:  Yeah.

Member:  You know what I’m taking about? That’s when I first did it that way.

Rick:  Yeah.

Member:  Was I not supposed to do that?

Rick:  No, you certainly could do that. But the… I think the thing to do… probably the… I mean, since you are making color changes, I think what I would recommend… and since you’re making… well, I mean, I don’t know. I guess it just doesn’t really… it doesn’t really matter where you make the change. Whether you make the change there or make the change in the Skin Editor. And you can mix and match it to the extent that you want to. But the purpose for these variables is for you to be able to set colors. Essentially, you have your color palette. You set these colors in here and then… and so you may be are setting 6 or 7 different variables and it changes everything on the site.

Member:  It’s easier.

Rick:  Yeah. That’s really the intention.

Member:  Okay. I wonder if I should start from scratch again because I’ve done so many bad things to it.

Rick:  Well, as long as you know what your colors are, starting from scratch would actually be pretty fast.

Member:  Yeah. I just… I just got confused because it was hard for me to figure out like the comment buttons like where those colors were coming from. And then I went to the Submit button and I was having… even with the cheat sheets. I was having trouble figuring out who belonged to what.

Rick:  Sure.

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