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How to Change the Label of a Menu Item in Thesis 2

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In this session we show how to change the label of a menu item in Thesis 2. This change is actually made in the WordPress menu system. We also talk about the menu’s navigation name label versus the name of the actual page that is being called.

Video Transcript

Member:  In the nav menu, where are we supposed to find what label is showing up there?

Rick:  By label, you mean what it looks like? This thing here? The label of the actual menu item?

Member:  The menu item itself. The Finished Projects, Services, Articles…

Rick:  Yeah, you do that under WP nav menus or WP menus. And so let’s see…

Member:  Oh so that’s WordPress itself?

Rick:  Yes, it’s WordPress itself and you just go over to the Appearance and Menus. And then you know, you’d see that the real page name for Finished Projects is Examples of Our Finished Projects. And I changed that to Finished Projects. And the real page name for About Us is actually Work With An Architect Who Listens to You. Learn to Build a Website Like This and I changed the navigation label to Home. So there’s no specific relationship between the label itself and the name of the page. Although if you don’t change the label, WordPress automatically gives is the name of the page.

Member:  Right. Okay good. I have actually done that before. I just thought Thesis had a special way of doing it.

Rick:  Thesis used to have a special way of doing it but not anymore. Now we just use WordPress.

Member:  That’s much simpler.

Rick:  Yes it is. Okay?

Member:  Yeah, thank you very much.

Rick:  You bet. Have a great evening.

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