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How to Change the Space Between Paragraphs in the Thesis Theme

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In this session we show how to change the spacing between paragraphs in the Thesis Theme. We demonstrate how to do this by giving the paragraph itself a bottom margin. Thesis automatically creates the bottom margin and so if you want to change the space, then you could simply adjust the pixels.

Video Transcript

Member: The first one that I wanted to clarify with you is I know I’ve had adjusting line height and I feel pretty confident about doing that. I’m a little confused as to… is there a way to adjust the line height of a carriage return you know, after the paragraph, like adjusting what we used to call
in desktop publishing, the letting between distinct paragraphs, not the individual lines of a given paragraph?

Rick: Well, the way Thesis creates that space is by giving the paragraph itself bottom margin. So if we come over here and just look at this, this is an example of that where you’ve got this big space here, that big space, this big space. This is a paragraph and this is another paragraph and this is another paragraph and this is another paragraph in HTML. And what it does is it creates… let’s see, let’s just move up here for a second. You can see that orange stripe under that. That’s the bottom margin. So that’s how Thesis does this. You don’t actually put the space in there yourself. It just creates that bottom margin and if you want it to be less, then you could take it down to 1.0 or you can make it 30 pixels and make it bigger, so on and so forth. That’s what it is. It’s format text p margin bottom.

Member: Okay. As I have been playing with line heights and working with that, I kind of understand that that’s the section up in formatting is that format text p. So I’ll keep playing with that at the margin bottom and that’s perfect. That’s what I needed to know.

Rick: Okay.

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