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How to Come Up With Color Schemes

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In this session a member asks how to figure out what colors to use for a site. We suggest hiring an artist but if you want to do it yourself, then one resource you can also use is which gives you many ideas for color combinations.

Video Transcript

Finally Rick, where do you come up with your color contrast? Is there a good site for… to figure out what colors you want to use on your website?

Yeah, although really… I mean, I would strongly advise you to consider hiring an artist for this. That’s what I do. I don’t do this myself. I have an artist that I hire and I have a dear friend who’s worked with a few of my members and she’s also a member. And I do have her… it’s not an affiliate link. It’s just a link to her website but she’s very reasonably priced and she’s the one who you know, designed my girl and all of these colors come from Kim. So I strongly recommend you do that.

However, we often play around with colors at


It’s under reconstruction. Oh pardon me, I misspelled it entirely. It’s, I guess. You can you know, go through these different color combinations that people have done and you know, and you can play around with colors you know, coming up with different ideas and different… this is the highest rated themes but you could easily go to a random group you know, of color combinations that people have done. It’s interesting. There are 12,368 combinations that people have put here. So you can search for brick red and then you got all these different choices. You can also… if you’ve got a specific color that you want to use, you can put that color in here and search for that color. And then combinations that use that color will be brought up.

And then it’ll show you what color to use for the text as well?

Well, it just gives you… the only thing it does is it gives you color combinations and then maybe good color combinations and then maybe crummy color combinations. It’s… I don’t… you know, it’s in the eye of the beholder at that point. So…

Kind of like a side by side comparison.

Yeah, these are mostly… things like this are mostly accent colors, in that case, right? You need lighter colors and less vibrant colors probably, for background colors when you’re putting text on it. But nevertheless, the point I’m making is this is a great site, It’s a great site for that kind of stuff.

Thank you so much, Rick.

You’re welcome.

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