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How to Configure Free Shipping and No Tax in Shopp

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In this session we show how to configure free shipping and no tax in Shopp by disabling shipping and tax calculation. From preferences, we also show the effect for taxed orders only.

Video Transcript

So 2 weeks ago, we kind of left it where we didn’t know how to handle the free shipping. It was giving us not available.

But we got that worked out, right?

No, it was an open item, the one we left. I know you’re busy but it was one that you were going to work on.

Okay, well I know the solution to that.

Okay. And let me just tell you what I did, might make sense. I went on to the Shopp forum and I found a post that said you actually have to able the shipping, right?


So I did that. I’ll just show you real quick what I did and I thought that was going to be the answer. But then of course, that developed another issue. Really slow side here. I’m going to…

Have you updated Shopp to 1.2.1?

Well, is that a new version of the new version?

Yeah, a couple of days ago.

Okay, no.


It’s worth it to do it?

Yeah, there have been some stability issues that people have mentioned that have been resolved by doing that.

Okay, I’ll back up and then do that.

Okay so here you are in your…

Yeah and I enabled.

Now okay because you wanted to show as free shipping. So then go over to rates. Okay so you’ve added free shipping.

Yeah, I’m sorry. Go ahead.

And that does what?

Well you know, first of all, it would be nice if this said free. I think it would be a little more self-explanatory. But the confusion is that people feel like, well maybe I’m not free so they have to go over there. I mean, I’m free across continental United States so I would like for this not to be there. I would like for this just to say free and this become a non-issue.

Because you’re not charging taxes either?

No, the medical equipment, no taxes here in Minnesota.

Okay and the problem is if you say don’t calculate…

Then we get not available right here.

Then you get the… yeah. So…

I mean, I would think this would be a common issue for other using Shopp. I mean, I…

Yeah and it could be that the thing to do is to… since… is everything free shipping or not?

It is. I mean, as of right now, it’s all free shipping. And that could change later but right now, it’s all free.

Well, the setup would be different. If it’s all free shipping and if none of it has tax then you should be able to disable shipping, disable tax calculation and then we should be easily be able to say free shipping and delivery on all orders or something like that.


If you go back to settings for a second and… yeah, go to settings and eliminate, we’re going to say take out the calculate shipping. So calculate shipping is taken out and then go to taxes on the left there.

Okay, you want me to save this?

Yes, save that then go to taxes. Okay, there’s no calculate taxes. Let’s go to preferences, I think, and scroll down to checkout preferences and go up to order confirmation, show for tax orders only and go ahead and save. Now let’s see what the thing looks like.

See, there you go, Rick. All you need is about 20 to 30 seconds.

Well look, it worked. That’s great.

I know. That’s what I said. That’s all you needed, that was a compliment.

Well, I’m so glad to hear it because there have been a few things that didn’t work as planned here.


With Shopp, yeah.

Alright. So that’s great. You don’t have a quick fix for how this will show free in here, do you?

That’s something I don’t have a quick fix for but I’m…

I mean, I don’t think this is atrocious or I mean, confusing but…

Well, it shouldn’t show. What we don’t want to show there is shipping or tax and I think the thing to do would be to change the template to remove shipping and tax out of the template. So you just have subtotal, total and proceed to checkout.

Well, I kind of like throwing free out again but…

So that would also be a change in the template, right? We can talk about that tonight, how to change the template so that it doesn’t show a value there. So we take the value out and we substitute the value for a statement, for free.

Okay, well great. Alright. One quick question, another question there, that’s great, we got that. But is there a way to put the image here in the cart?

Yeah, I’m sure there is and that would also something that we would add to the…


Template, right.

Okay, alright. I’ll know both of those when I register for tonight then.


Alright, thanks a lot, Rick.

You betcha. You have a great day.

Yeah, you too.

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