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How to Configure the Featured Products in the Runway Child Theme for Genesis 2

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In this session we show how to configure the featured products in the Runway child theme for Genesis 2 and look at how the theme was set up. In Theme Settings we change the Select Post Navigation Technique to numeric and get rid of the category IDs to be exclude. We talk about how the way content is displayed is not affected by excluding  categories and changing post navigation.

Video Transcript

Rick: So you are working on the Runway Theme.

Member: Yeah, I’ve decided to do two websites in the Runway Theme and I think it’s going to work best for me and you know I transferred over the xml files so that I have everything there but one of them, it looks different than it should be.

Rick: Can you give me a URL.

Member: Why don’t you make me a presenter and I’ll show you then…

Rick: Oh sure. Yeah, yeah.

Member: There’s two different URLs so it will be easy.

Rick: I’ll make you a presenter.

Member: Perfect.

Rick: Okay.

Member: Okay, so this is Runway Theme and down here it’s supposed to have, we’ll I’m going to have 6 blocks that come with their posts. I don’t really need it for the furniture store but that’s the theme I’ve chosen so I’m going to go with it. But on the scooter website, I think it’s going to be perfect for my product reviews, I have 6 product reviews there but for some reason it’s not coming up with my 6 blocks.

Rick: Do you already have 6 product reviews?

Member: No, not in here. I only think I have, let’s see how many posts I have. For some reason my computer is slow this morning.

Rick: I mean the underlying to say here is it can’t display a block of 6 if 6 does not exist.

Member: Well, it’s not showing blocks at all. See this one, I have 3 here and it’s showing all 3 and even if I have one, it just shows in this total block.

Rick: Okay, so then it’s a question of how the theme is setup here.

Memvber: Yes.

Rick: And is cheaper scooters actually the main page?

Member: Yes, it’s kind of the… I just started it yesterday.

Rick: So click on home.

Member: Okay.
Rick: So then let’s look at your Reading settings, did you setup a static front page?

Member: I’m sorry?

Rick: Did you setup a static front page in your reading settings?

Member: I don’t recall.

Rick: Okay, perfect. No, that’s the way it should be. So, let’s look under your theme settings probably under Appearance…

Member: Actually I think they’re under Genesis…

Rick: Theme Settings, okay, go ahead. Yeah, let’s go ahead and click on that one, let’s see what it look like. Okay, scroll down.

Member: Yeah.

Rick: Okay, there you go. So, just go back up just a little bit to… okay, Display post content. Is it post content or is it something else under…

Member: It’s my options

Rick: So go look at your other sites Theme options there.

Member: As compared to the two, I have them setup identical.

Rick: Well there’s got to be something that’s different. Okay Display post content, Limit content, 0 characters, Image size 183 to 122. Oh it’s not exactly identical. Go back and look at the other one now. Okay, Display post so… change your… numeric, yeah… and then get rid of that exclude. I don’t think that would do it but…

Member: I did it. Whatever it was, it must have been the exclude, I think. Okay, another question on my post…

Rick: I’ve got to say that I have no idea why what you just did fixed it. Because you wouldn’t expect, unless you don’t have a category 451 and it caused an error, that could be the case but you wouldn’t expect excluding a category could change the way in which the content is displayed. You also wouldn’t expect that the previous/next versus numeric could change the way this stuff is displayed. So, for all intent and purposes, I agree with you that they were both setup in the way which it should both display the same so I don’t know why changing it worked.
I think your judgment about when you look at it…

Member: Do you know…

Rick: They look they’re setup the same to me, I would say, yeah they look like they were setup the same to me as well. So why one worked and one didn’t I do not know.

Member: (laughs) You know so much further into things, it just worked and I‘m happy with that.

Rick: Okay (laughs)

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