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How to Configure the Genesis Responsive Slider to Display WooCommerce Products

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In this session we show how to configure the Genesis Responsive Slider to display WooCommerce products and list which product id we want to exclude or include. We also look at the need to check your data to make sure the slide width and product images are all correct.

Video Transcript

Member: I do have a question with this theme though, I have this hooked up to WooCommerce, so let’s go over to this one. So I got the Genesis on slider, I’ve got these posts, they’re on here and I’ve got my Genesis products, but it seems like I have… My slider is pages, my posts are post and my products are product, which means I had to put the pictures in there 3 different times. Isn’t there a way where I could draw the picture from the product into the slider and into the post?

Rick: Yes. Well, probably not into the post, no. But yes, you should be able to draw the picture into the slider from the product. I think that WooCommerce has a featured product slider, don’t they?

Member: I don’t know…

Rick: And/or in your slide here, this actually create slides, doesn’t it? No it doesn’t. Where is your slider settings? Yeah, can we choose product in those slider settings? If not, maybe use the…

Member: I believe you can choose product but when I tried it, it didn’t work.

Rick: Okay, let’s see, type of content. Yeah, no go up there at the top. Type of content, choose product.

Member: Okay.

Rick: And then save them. Okay, in terms of 451, note that lists which product ids to include or exclude. Do you actually have a post 451?

Member: I believe I do. Oh, let’s take it out, I don’t even remember why it was there to be honest with you.

Rick: Okay, and then your slide width is 920×400, let’s go ahead and hit save. I guess the only thing I would say you have a problem with now is you might not have product images that big but…

Member: No, all my product images are the same.

Rick: But are they all at least 920×400?

Member: Yeah.

Rick: Oh okay, well good.

Member: Well, no, no, no. I take that back, they’re all 732×488.

Rick: Okay, but you know…

Member: Even the one in the slider.

Rick: Oh, okay. Well, maybe it’s expanding them. So let’s go and take a look at it now.

Member: Well, you know what, I did all that in the wrong website. So, let’s (3:35) this real quick. And my computer has never been this slow. My mouse is never blank like that.
Rick: (laughs)

Member: Okay, so we got… let me take this out for now.

Rick: Okay.

Member: It’s listing the product without the pictures…

Rick: So maybe those product don’t actually have a picture…

Member: Oh you know that’s possible because I transferred my WooCommerce products from my old website to this website.

Rick: Yeah

Member: And the pictures pictures didn’t transfer over so I’m still putting them in but I still have a couple of dozen pictures on my products…

Rick: But perhaps…

Member: And this is all I…

Rick: Well this is all you’re showing your 5, right? That’s what you said, so 5. And it’s showing the most recent 5 so…

Member: Let’s see, I changed that to 50… Still didn’t…

Rick: Well give it a chance to get all the way, oh is it still only doing 5?

Member: It’s… yeah…

Rick: Okay. But regardless of that, that’s what you’re looking for, you’re looking at that and you saying, okay, do I have the data in order to support what’s supposed to display.

Member: Right.

Rick: It looks to me like, I mean, at the moment you have it setup not to link to the product but presumably, you will change that and so you can click in that image and it will take you to the product.

Member: Yeah, I could do that. But it is showing all of them now.

Rick: Okay.

Member: I think for today, well, that’s all I need.

Rick: Great. Well, you have a lovely day then.

Member: Alright, I appreciate your time.
Rick: You betcha. Bye, bye.

Member: Bye.

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