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How to Control the Length of the Excerpt in Thesis 2.1

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In this session we discuss how to control the length of the Excerpt in Thesis 2.1 using the BYOB Custom Excerpt Box for Thesis 2.1. You can use it in place of the regular except in your templates and you can use it inside other boxes like the query box.

The BYOB Custom Excerpt Box for Thesis 2.1 lets you choose whether to control the excerpt by the number of words, the number of characters, the first paragraph and through a manually inserted More tag. It also allows you to display HTML in the excerpt.

Video Transcript

Rick: Now, there are two ways for you to get the very short excerpt. One way is for you to custom craft your excerpts for each post and you can do that by simply editing the post and down towards the bottom there is a section called Excerpt.

Member: Great, and that’s how it’s normally done? that’s all I want to know.

Rick: Well, there’s an automatic excerpt. WordPress will automatically take an excerpt and it’ll automatically take the first 55 words. There is this excerpt which will be as long or as short as you write it regardless of how many words there are. If you wrote one word in there it would replace the entire automatic excerpt with that one word.

Member: Right.

Rick: And if you can’t find that excerpt down there, go to Screen Options and it’s going to be here unchecked.

Member: No, I’ve got that…

Rick: Okay.

Member: The question I would have to make sure and make it easier, is there a way to change the WordPress default? The 55 default?

Rick: In fact, there is and I’m going to demonstrate that in the new box today.

Member: Aha! Oh that’s one of your new boxes?

Rick: Yeah..

Member: Beautiful.

Rick: I have a custom excerpt box that I’m going to be demonstrating today that lets you choose whether to control it by the number of words, the number of characters, manually inserted more tag in the content or the first paragraph and then you can also choose whether or not you want to display HTML or not in the excerpt. So that is a box I’m going to demonstrate yet today. It’s already available on the site, if you go over to Member Benefits and Thesis 2.1 Boxes there is the Custom Excerpt Box.

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  • John Ribbler January 10, 2015, 12:10 pm

    Hi Rick,

    Next Wednesday, I’ll ask you the suggest the best way for me to organize questions each issue that presents problems, especially the ones you’ve addressed. I’ve replaced the Attention Box Excerpts with Custom Excerpts which works great because I can control the length. However, the Agility Query Box options include an option for removing the […] from the end of the excerpt. I can’t see how to do this with the Custom Excerpt. Thanks.