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How to Control the Length of the Excerpt in Thesis

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In this session we talk about how to control the length of an excerpt in Thesis 2 using the BYOB Custom Excerpt Box for Thesis 2.1. This controls the excerpts by the number of words, the number of characters, the first paragraph or a More Tag and also allow you to choose to include HTML in some of those.

Video Transcript

Member: So the question is if I can put the query box that I have on my front page, custom length excerpt so…

Rick: Yes, you can.

Member: Yes, I can

Rick: Yes, you can. Come over here to Member Benefits, Boxes

Member: Okay, I’m following you.

Rick: Boxes, Thesis 2.1 and scroll down to the let’s see where is it, the Custom Excerpt Box for Thesis 2.1

Member: Okay.

Rick: You can control excerpts by the number of words, the number of characters, the first paragraph or a More tag. You can use any one of those for and you can also choose to include HTML in some of those so for example if you wanted your HTML to show like a heading or a list in that then you can turn on HTML for those excerpts as well. If you want just a very specific number of letters or characters it counts the white spaces 1 and if you’re doing that then you can decide whether or not you want the word to break if your character count ends at.. so you had 155 characters and it ends in the middle of the word, you can choose to make it break before that word. It’s a pretty powerful box.

Member: The question is so on my Blog page where the articles show, the posts show. I will have longer excerpt let’s say…

Rick: Right.

Member: But on the query box, can I select another so this box you’re talking about, I can put it in the template and…

Rick: It creates a box. It creates a box just like the Thesis excerpt except it’s BYOB Custom Excerpt and you can drag that in the place of the other excerpt. Take the other excerpt out.

Member: I’m afraid I’m not very familiar with this so..

Rick: Okay, let me just show you. I’ll just show you.

Member: Yeah, please, please, please do. I didn’t use this kind of excerpt box until now so if I see it I will understand.

Rick: Sure so let’s go over to News. Okay, let’s say we want to change the excerpts on.. that’s not a good one. Let’s go into the backside and I’ll show you. And the video on there shows you how to use it, right so there’s a little video there demonstrating how to use it that you can go back and refer to.

Member: Okay.

Rick: But if you’re in the Skin Editor and let’s say you have it configured using this excerpt here right, the Thesis Excerpt. All you would do is come over here and find the BYOB Custom Excerpt Box.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Add it in place of that, get rid of this one and then configure it how you want it right, whether you calculate by the number of words, the number of letters into the first paragraph or the More tag. If you choose the number of letters then you can choose the number of characters and you can choose yeah, go ahead and make it the exact number of characters and break up the words or no, break at the end of the word and you can choose to add a Read More link if you want or not and if you do add a Read More link you can add a preface to it and you can add text and you can add a suffix to it. You can also choose to put you know, on a separate line from the excerpt if that’s what you want to do so it has a lot of flexibility but you can you know, if you pick number of words then you can say yeah, show me the HTML or no, don’t show me the HTML that kind of stuff.

Member: So I can put this box also in the query box on the front page and set an other setting than this?

Rick: Yes, absolutely. Yeah.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Settings are unique to the box you put in so this box should have one set of settings. If you use it again in another place it would have a difference set of settings.

Member: Okay, now that just solved my problem so it’s perfect.

Rick: Okay.

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